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10/25/2018: More Than Candy For Dinner: Halloween and Food Delivery (Infographic)
10/02/2018: The Nimble, Climate-Based Approach To On-Demand?
09/24/2018: Bite Squad Brings Food Delivery and a New Economy to America’s Small Cities
08/10/2018: Bite Squad and DoorDash Add Cities
08/08/2018: Bite Squad Adds 100 Cities
07/09/2018: Gen Z Just Wants To Watch Netflix And Get Takeout, And It’s Affecting Restaurants
07/05/2018: Bite Squad Launches All-New, Redesigned iOS App
07/05/2018: Bite Squad Expands Home Turf, Partners to Feed Hungry
06/29/2018: According to a Recent Study/Survey…Hot Food Trends for Summer 2018
05/29/2018: For National Cheese Day, Survey Shows America’s Favorite Cheesy Foods
05/24/2018: Bite Squad Continues M&A Spree
04/18/2018: 20 Scrumptious Catering Ideas and Tips
04/16/2018: According to a Recent Study/Survey…Taxes and Eating Habits
02/28/2018: Bite Squad’s New Loyalty Program


12/05/2018: Bite Squad CEO Kian Salehi discusses his booming brand and the future of food delivery
10/05/2018: Bite Squad Hiring Day: Company Has 500 Jobs To Fill
08/08/2018: Bite Squad on pace to serve 400 cities by end of year
07/13/2018: Bite Squad partners with Second Harvest Heartland for local fundraiser
07/05/2018: Bite Squad food delivery service announces expansion to Savage
03/16/2018: Bite Squad delivers all the food feels
03/13/2018: Minnesotan To Meet: CFO Jeff Yurecko Of Bite Squad
03/02/2018: If You’re Thinking About Ordering Delivery During a Storm …


11/26/2018: National restaurant delivery services move into Hernando County
11/15/2018: Venice and Englewood eateries sign up for Bite Squad delivery
11/12/2018:  Delivery service commits to hiring more veterans, military spouses across the country
11/10/2018: Food delivery service expanding into Venice, Englewood
10/10/2018: How the delivery business is growing more delicious in Jacksonville
10/05/2018: ‘AMAZON EFFECT’: Local retailers joining the business-on-demand movement
10/04/2018: Culture of convenience: How technology is changing the way people order food
09/26/2018: Bite Squad to Celebrate National Taco Day with $5 Off Taco Deliveries on Florida Suncoast & Beyond!
09/14/2018: Volusia food delivery services bring restaurants to customers’ front doors
09/05/2018: 30 local eateries sign up for Bite Squad delivery
09/05/2018: Bite Squad begins service in North Port, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda
08/29/2018: Dining At Your Doorstep
08/28/2018: Craving A Bite From Your Favorite Eatery? Bite Squad Can Help
08/28/2018: Bite Squad offers free delivery for a year to west Pasco, Hernando customers
08/07/2018: Bite Squad expands into four new Jacksonville neighborhoods
08/02/2018: Bite Squad launches in West Volusia
07/12/2018: Restaurant delivery service comes to Lakeland Friday
07/10/2018: Have Your Plantain Cakes and Get Them Delivered, Too
07/09/2018: Bite Squad acquires the local service Twins Food Taxi, expands Space Coast footprint as industry consolidates
07/01/2018: Taking an additional bite
06/26/2018: Restaurant delivery service coming to Ocala
06/18/2018: 40+ new restaurants join Bite Squad delivery in Fort Myers, Cape Coral 
06/06/2018: Bite Squad Delivering in Sarasota and Manatee Counties
06/05/2018: Bite Squad releases Top Ten Foods for Delivery in Orlando
06/01/2018: Bite Squad acquires Tallahassee-based Penny Delivers
05/30/2018: New food delivery service comes to Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens
05/21/2018: Bite Squad Acquires FL Restaurant Delivery Service
05/17/2018: Bite Squad restaurant delivery acquires local delivery company, expands to St. Augustine
05/02/2018: Food to You: Bring your favorite restaurant home in minutes
04/18/2018: Bite Squad expands to Plant City
04/18/2018: Top 10 delivery foods in Jacksonville
04/17/2018: Bite Squad, the restaurant delivery service, expands into Naples
04/17/2018: In delivery news
04/13/2018: Bite Squad- 1 in 3 Americans Say Preparing Income Taxes Affects Their Eating Habits
04/12/2018: Restaurant Delivery Service Expands Again
04/11/2018: Bite Squad expands Manatee delivery area
04/11/2018: Bite Squad Expands Bradenton Delivery Area, Adds New Restaurants
03/13/2018: Bite Squad Adds 40+ More Restaurants in Palm Bay, Melbourne
03/02/2018: Restaurant Delivery App Adds New Loyalty Program
02/28/2018: Bite Squad Introduces “Bite Club” Rewards Program
02/22/2018: Restaurant Roundup: More Delivery Options
02/20/2018: Bite Squad adds 20 new restaurant locations for delivery to UF students and Gainesville residents 
02/09/2018: Bite Squad to Give Away Free Brownies on “Have a Brownie Day” + Free Delivery
02/05/2018: Food delivery company adds 45 new Jax restaurant options
02/05/2018: Chomp, Chomp
01/23/2018: Tampa and St. Pete’s most popular delivery orders — according to Bite Squad
01/18/2018: Avoid “I’m Hangry” – Order Bite Squad


11/29/2018: Restaurant Transitions
11/08/2018: New businesses offer food delivery services in area
11/08/2018: Restaurant Transitions
07/03/2018: Bite Squad celebrates National French Fry Day with free fries
06/28/2018: Bite Squad Expands Into Hot Springs
06/27/2018: Restaurant transitions
03/20/2018: Bite Squad adds more restaurants in Conway for delivery
01/22/2018: Bite Squad: The Netflix of Meal Delivery?


09/15/2018: Food delivery service offers free year-long trial
08/30/2018: Bite Squad is Offering a Year of Free Delivery in McAllen
07/28/2018: Business notebook: Bite Squad acquires Arrowhead Delivery
07/25/2018: Bite Squad acquires Arrowhead Delivery in Wichita Falls, Lawton
07/24/2018: Bite Squad acquires Arrowhead, expands to Abilene
07/24/2018: Food delivery service expanding operations to Lawton
06/14/2018: Nationwide delivery service Bite Squad acquires Boogabites
04/20/2018: Bite Squad food delivery service brings dinner to your door

North Carolina

09/07/2018: Free restaurant delivery service
05/24/2018: Boonetakeout acquired by Bite Squad
05/22/2018: Boone Take Out sold to Bite Squad, will remain open
02/28/2018: CBJ Morning Buzz: New food-delivery options

South Carolina

12/12/2018: Bite Squad comes to Anderson, offers chance to win free food delivery service for a year
07/18/2018: Bite Squad launches restaurant delivery service in Spartanburg
07/17/2018: Bite Squad launches in Spartanburg
06/20/2018: Bite Squad adds 30+ new restaurants to area delivery lineup
02/26/2018: Never leave your couch again…Columbia
01/23/2018: Never leave your couch again…Greenville


03/14/2018: Ordering in? Here’s Bite Squad’s top 10 Oahu dishes
01/31/2018: National restaurant delivery companies arrive on Oahu in big way


12/16/2018: Bite Squad food delivery service expanding into Bristol
12/13/2018: Business Glance: Bite Squad food delivery
09/06/2018: Restaurant mobile delivery service available in Johnson City
09/06/2018: Bite Squad Arrives in Johnson City
08/20/2018: New food delivery service app launching in Clarksville
01/25/2018: Bite Squad Pool of Memphis Restaurants Tops 150


04/02/2018: Attention Memphians: You can now get Cheesecake Factory delivered to your house
03/30/2018: Daily Digest: Bite Squad Expands Into Southaven


07/24/2018: Food delivery service expanding operations to Lawton


11/19/2018: La Crosse restaurants see boost in business from meal delivery apps
10/19/2018: Bite Squad to host driver hiring event
10/14/2018: Bite Squad open house hiring events in Wausau
10/13/2018: Jourdan Vian: La Crosse delivery service cravings satisfied by Bite Squad
08/08/2018: Minneapolis-based Bite Squad Coming to Eau Claire
07/29/2018: Bite Squad expands to Eau Claire, Wausau
07/23/2018: Bite Squad, Minneapolis-based delivery service, buys 715 Delivery in Wausau
07/23/2018: Local food delivery service takes on new name
07/23/2018: Minn. based food delivery service acquires central Wisconsin business
07/19/2018: Bite Squad acquires 715 Delivery, expands into Wausau and Eau Claire

North Dakota

12/10/2018: Bite Squad expanding delivery options in Minot
12/02/2018: New food delivery service enters Bismarck
11/10/2018: Restaurant delivery service arrives in Grand Forks
08/19/2018: New On-Demand Restaurant Services Kicks off Grand Opening in Fargo
08/15/2018:  New food delivery service to launch in Fargo; offers ‘free delivery for a year’
08/14/2018:  On-Demand Restaurant Delivery Service Comes To Fargo, Offers Free Delivery Promotion
08/14/2018: New Food Delivery Service Launching in Fargo This Weekend

South Dakota

11/05/2018: Restaurant delivery gains fast following in Sioux Falls
10/18/2018: Local Businesses Try To Cash In On Convenience
09/28/2018: Bite Squad: New Food Delivery Service Launches in Sioux Falls
09/28/2018: Bite Squad launches today, with ‘free delivery for a year’ offer; here are the restaurants delivered
09/25/2018: Bite Squad’s weekend promotion offers free delivery for one year
08/30/2018: SNACKS! 
08/28/2018: Comings & Goings
08/21/2018: Bite Squad starts restaurant delivery in Sioux Falls
03/21/2018: Restaurant delivery service to expand to Sioux Falls


12/05/2018: Food delivery service to take a ‘bite’ out of Sioux City
12/03/2018: Biz Buzz: Food delivery service opens
11/30/2018: Bite squad launches in Ames, offers free food delivery for a year
11/30/2018: Talk of the Town: Bite Squad
11/28/2018: Bite Squad coming to Waterloo and Dubuque
11/17/2018: A new kind of fast food: Restaurant delivery services flooding the Q-C market
11/15/2018: How Bite Squad serves up more than just food for Quad Citians
09/10/2018: Mobile restaurant delivery service, Bite Squad, to launch in Davenport
09/05/2018: Bite Squad restaurant delivery service to launch Friday in Cedar Rapids
09/05/2018: Get Free Food Delivery for a Year This Weekend
09/04/2018: Bite Squad launches restaurant delivery service in CR


11/17/2018: A new kind of fast food: Restaurant delivery services flooding the Q-C market
11/15/2018: How Bite Squad serves up more than just food for Quad Citians


12/13/2018: Bite Squad food delivery service to launch in Joplin


12/31/2017: Bite Squad adds options
12/22/2017: Bite Squad adds more restaurants options
12/20/2017: Bite Squad goes Unlimited
12/20/2107: Bite Squad Rolls Out its Unlimited Free Delivery Service to More Customers
12/15/2017: Modern Restaurant Management’s Daily Bite: Bite Squad Unlimited Rolls Out
12/15/2017: Never leave your house for food again because Bite Squad is rolling out unlimited delivery
12/15/2017: HONOLULU Small Bites: Bite Squad Adds 35 New Restaurants
12/14/2017: Hawaii food delivery services grow alongside national industry trends
12/14/2017: Restaurant Transitions
12/13/2017: 8 Minnesota Startups to Watch in 2018
12/13/2017: Bite Squad adds new restaurants to delivery options
12/11/2017: More than 100 restaurants join Bite Squad’s local lineup
12/08/2017: Food delivery service expands
12/07/2017: Bite Squad Adds 100+ New Restaurants to Online and Mobile Delivery Options
12/07/2017: Food delivery service Bite Squad expands into Charlotte after buying 17 competitors
12/07/2017: What foods do Greenville residents order most for delivery?
12/06/2017: Where does GVL order out?
11/28/2017: Food Delivery Service Adds 50-Plus New Restaurants
11/28/2017: Over 50 New Restaurants Have Joined Bite Squad OnLine and Mobile Delivery Options
11/20/2017:  A Life of Convenience: How Technology is Changing Humanity
11/20/2017: New​ ​Subscription-Based​ ​Service​ ​Offers​ ​Food​ ​Delivery​ ​Without​ ​Delivery​ ​Fees
11/20/2017: Bite Squad Launches Free Delivery Monthly Subscription Service
11/03/2017: Bite Squad Completes Massive, 17-Company Acquisition
10/27/2017: Delivery service fundraises for food bank
10/25/2017: Fighting Hunger: Bite Squad
10/17/2017: Bite Squad Completes Acquisition and Integration of 17 Restaurant Delivery Services
10/17/2017: 5 things to consider before partnering with a third-party delivery provider
10/17/2017: Food Love partnership supports mission to end hunger
10/17/2017: Bite Squad Announces Charitable Partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay
10/17/2017: Eat & do good: You can donate to Feeding Tampa Bay with a Bite Squad order
10/13/2017: Food Friday: Eating up competition
10/11/2017: Restaurant Delivery Competition Dwindles with Bite Squad Acquisitions
10/10/2017: Bite Squad Completes Acquisition and Integration of 17 Restaurant Delivery Services, Expanding National Footprint
10/10/2017: Delivering on the Promise of Delivery and Snaplications
10/10/2017: Minneapolis-based mobile delivery service buys out 17 competitors
10/10/2017: Food Delivery Options Are Expanding in the Midlands
10/10/2017: Bite Squad Expands to New Markets After Buying 17 Competitors
10/10/2017: Bite Squad adds healthy portion to its markets around U.S.
10/10/2017: Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country
10/10/2017: Bite Squad buys Md. food delivery firm as part of national expansion
10/10/2017: Company buys 17 food-delivery firms across U.S., including in Nashville
10/10/2017: Bite Squad’s recent buyout buffet included Austin food-delivery service
10/10/2017: Southern California company among 17 food delivery firms bought by Bite Squad
10/10/2017:​ Bite Squad acquires 17 food-delivery firms across country
10/04/2017: Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But Some Do Wear Green
09/26/2017: We tried Bite Squad, the new restaurant delivery app in Fort Myers, Cape Coral
09/25/2017: Bite Squad & St. Petersburg Foodies Launch Photo Contest
09/01/2017: Grub Cab is now Bite Squad, revolutionizing restaurant delivery in Fort Myers, Cape Coral
08/31/2017: Bite Squad launches new restaurant-delivery service in SWFL
08/31/2017: Food delivery company Bite Squad acquires Hawaii competitor
08/30/2017: Restaurant Meal Delivery Company Expands Into Sarasota, Bradenton
08/30/2017: Bite Squad Comes to Sarasota-Bradenton
08/30/2017: Restaurant Food Brought to Your Doorstep
08/28/2017: Ashley’s Food Delivery to merge with Bite Squad in Sarasota-Bradenton
08/28/2017: Delivering a change, Bite Squad takes over local services
08/28/2017: Bite Squad delivery service expands into Bradenton-Sarasota market
08/28/2017: National food delivery service expands in region
08/24/2017: Bite Squad is Hiring in Little Rock
08/13/2017: Taking a bite out of food delivery in Greenville
08/03/2017: Bite Squad enters Tallahassee food-delivery market
08/02/2017: Delivery service expands to Greenville
07/18/2017: Best of Honolulu 2017: Services
07/11/2017: Bite Squad delivery service expands to more Twin Cities suburbs
07/11/2017: Bite Squad Expands Delivery Service To Maple Grove
06/26/2017: Chef Shuttle Sale Illustrates Importance of Convenience06/23/2017: Bite Squad Food Delivery Service Becomes a Fast Favorite in LR
06/07/2017: Bite Squad to Gobble up Chef Shuttle Delivery Service in Arkansas
06/01/2017: Restaurant Transitions
05/31/2017: Little Rock’s Chef Shuttle Sold to Bite Squad
05/26/2017: Startups to Watch: Chef Shuttle bought by Minneapolis-based Bite Squad
04/20/2017: The Bite Squad and Doorstep Delivery Have Merged
04/19/2017: Bite Squad looks to customers in Hawaii for help with hiring
03/29/2017: Orlando-based Doorstep Delivery merges with Bite Squad