Bite Squad’s Top 5 Most Ordered Foods for the Big Game

It started with a curious little question.

“What are people eating for the Big Game?” That’s what one of our hungry coworkers asked during our weekly conference call. So we decided to investigate! Linking up with our analytics gal, Kate, we’ve pulled the top five foods that people like you ordered during last year’s game. Take a look, drool a little bit, and of course, place your order for delivery! In no particular order:

#1: Chicken Wings

Kicking off our list, the chicken wing! We weren’t surprised to see this here, but we sure are happy. Chicken wings are highly customizable—able to be fried or baked, breaded or naked. And the endless sauces! No football game is complete without a whole boatload of these, so get your hands on your favorite wings by game time today.

#2. French Fries

The golden and crispy French Fries makes the Top 5 list. A classic gametime food, French Fries can be eaten by themselves with a little pinch of salt & ketchup on the side. Or you top a stack of ’em with cheese, bacon, ranch dressing, and jalapeños for loaded fries. How you order them is up to you!

#3: Chips & Dip

There’s nothing like a restaurant-style chip, fried in house and brought to you fresh. It pairs perfectly with various different dips, which is why this combination has made our Top 5 list! Some of us on the Bite Squad team prefer queso and guacamole as our dip, but other dips like Spinach Artichoke Dip and the Seven Layer Dip are hot topics for several of us. How about you? Order up some of your favorite dips and have a party!

#4: Salads

Salads are delicious and wonderful, but as top choice for the Big Game? Definitely caught us off guard. A basic salad topped with cheese, tomatoes, carrots, croutons, and ranch is the perfect side to your wings. Or go big and order a salad with fajita chicken, julienne onions & peppers, grilled corn pico, and avocado. The options are endless when you opt for the salad! On second thought, maybe it’s not such a surprise they made the list after all.

#5: Mozzarella Sticks

Fried, seasoned, and delicious, Mozzarella Sticks rounding out the Top 5 makes perfect sense. Grab a stick and pull it apart, revealing the ooey, gooey melted Mozzarella inside. Dip it in marinara sauce & oh my goodness, you’ve got a bite of amazingness that just can’t be beat. Restaurant-style is the best way to go (making them at home is difficult, and frozen just doesn’t cut it), so you’ll want to make sure you tack on an order or two when you checkout.

What do you think? Do these Top 5 foods make your mouth water?

They do ours, and that’s why we’re about to place our order for the Big Game! Will you be getting one or more of these incredible choices? Let us know! Tag us on Twitter, @bitesquad, and tell us which ones you’re ordering. Finally, make sure you get it delivered by Bite Squad. Not only will you have the best restaurant selection around, but you won’t have to do anything. Just order and the food shows up to you! So don’t delay.