Chicago-style pizza in Little Rock? YEP.

The nation wants chicago-style pizza, and we’re here for it!

One of our most popular posts on Facebook is a picture of a pizza packed with cheese, sauce and veggies. It’s down-right 🤤! Of course the comments blew up with hungry people demanding to know where this pizza can be had so the team got to work researching the best places to satisfy their cravings. One of the more popular cities with requests? Little Rock, AR. Here’s what we found!

Dam Goode Pies

This place is legit. Just look at this beauty! Need I say more?


There was panic when the location on President Clinton Ave closed, but never fear! The location on Rodney Parham Road is still alive and kickin’.

Lou Malnati’s

Ok, we’re cheating here – but stay with me! While there’s nothing like a fresh pie out of the kitchen, but it’s not like we’re traveling right now. Good news, though. THEY SHIP. Yes, it’s true! I can vouch, this pizza is still PLENTY good cooked at home.