A taste of Chicago in Greenville? Mm’mm!

A gorgeous photo of a thick, cheesy, tomato-y Chicago-style pizza has almost broke the internet. Err… Facebook. Posted on our page, hungry pizza-lovers started threads asking 1. what the heck is this and 2. where the heck do I get this? Greenville, SC was a popular request! Here’s what we found.

Romeo’s Pizza

Ugh, I can almost taste this pie through my screen. I don’t recommend actually trying this. While Romeo’s isn’t unique to Greenville, their expansive menu is sure to please the whole family. But we can’t take our eyes of this Italiano deep dish beauty.

Sidewall Pizza

Ok, this one is a stretch, I’ll admit it. While not the traditional Chicago stuffed pizza, I felt this still deserves a mention! Sidewall offers two stuffed pizza options; one for meat lovers and one veggie lovers. I know many of us are staying home these days, but Sidewall also has a really laid back atmosphere and makes for a great place to hang out and have a beer!

World Piece Pizza

Keepin’ it local, baby! World Piece focuses their time on creating amazing pizza, but not so much on instagram. Even without a pretty photo, their ratings make up for it! World Piece emulates their pizza after the famous Chicago pizzeria, Lou Malnati’s. Greenville is lucky to have this gem!