Food Trends:
Exploring the Roaring 20s

As we’re entering the 2020s, we thought it would be fun to take a look back on the food trends that defined the 1920s to see how they compare to today!

So what was considered ‘the cat’s pajamas’ back in the days of speakeasies, flappers and jazz? We’ve got the goods on the foods that made it big during this iconic decade.


Always a classic, these tasty breakfast treats were a hit during the 20s. A change from cold delicacies to start the day earlier in the 1900s, folks loved to feast on flapjacks in the AM to warm their bellies for the long day ahead. A traditional pancake recipe would probably be just as popular today, too, since the ingredient list was usually free of gluten, eggs and refined sugar! 

Codfish Cakes

Not to be outdone by the more popular breakfast cakes, codfish and other fried fish patties were also a typical 1920s nosh item. Though many of us aren’t thinking “mmm, fish” first thing in the morning, these little guys were a quick and easy dish to prepare and we can all agree that anything paired with bacon tends to make a breakfast of champions.

Hoover Stew 

AKA mac & cheese with sliced hot dogs, is a food combo that can still be found in some modern households.  Named after President Herbert Hoover, this quick and easy dish was made popular during the Great Depression, because it could offer a warm, hearty meal for a low price. 

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This peculiar sweet treat actually started gaining popularity after a 1925 contest created by the Hawaiian Pineapple Company asking for submissions of the best recipes including pineapple. They received so many submissions for this particular dessert that they ran an ad campaign with Pineapple Upside-Down cake as the feature. Slowly after, the dish became a household name.

Today’s Food Trends

From carb-cutting Keto to veggie-friendly vegans, we’ve taken a turn for the healthy in more recent years. With the rise of plant-based food options like impossible meats and cauliflower rice, there’s now much more consideration going into the ingredients of our meals than there used to be. Even our choice of alcoholic beverages has become more calorie-conscious (hello, seltzer!). We’ve also become big bowl fans, with many versions of ramen on the rise and poke bowls becoming more and more popular. 

What’s in store for this brand new decade? There are another ten years to define our tastes and we can’t wait to see where the 2020s will bring us on the flavor train. Did our list of nostalgic dishes work up an appetite? Give your gams a rest and order in!