Top 8 Most Popular Asian Dishes for Delivery in Tallahassee

Tour Asia without leaving home! 

Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian… Tallahassee has a wide range of Asian restaurant delivery choices to fill you up and give you a flavorful tour of Asian cuisine without leaving home. From Pad Thai to Panang Curry, here are the top 8 most popular delivery dishes in Tallahassee, Florida. So when you know you’re in the mood for something spicy, tangy, maybe even slightly sweet, use these top dishes as inspiration for your next Asian food delivery order.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai (1)What’s the #1 Asian dish ordered for delivery? It’s a Thai! Pad thai is a noodle dish bursting with a spicy, tangy sauce, fresh herbs and peanuts, and it’s the top Asian dish for delivery in Tallahassee. If you’re looking for a popular pad thai delivery option near you, look no further than Thai Kitchen Cuisine and their stir-fried rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, green onions and peanuts. Customize by choosing your meat, or opt for just veggies. 

Sesame Chicken

SesameChickenThe password for flavor? Open sesame! Open this link to order the most-loved Sesame Chicken for delivery. The Sesame Chicken from AZU Lucy Hos is a local Bite Squad customer favorite. Lightly sweet in classic sesame chicken style, choose your side of white, fried or brown rice, and you’ll be ready to indulge in one of Tallahassee’s favorite Chinese food dishes. 

Chicken Hibachi

You can get hibachi chicken deliveredYum yum sauce makes us say… well, you know. Hibachi is meat and vegetables cooked over high heat, and served with rice. Try the Chicken Hibachi from Kiko Japanese Fusion, it comes with soup or salad, stir fried vegetables, and white or fried rice. 

General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso's Chicken for deliveryThis popular Chinese-American dish shows up on menus with varied spellings, but the flavorful combo of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and hot chili peppers make it universally loved. Look for the General Tsao’s Chicken bento box lunch or dinner entree from Dao Restaurant when you’re in the mood for Chinese food. You’ll be Tso (Tsao?) glad you did!

Shrimp Tempura Roll

New Sushi
“Tempura” means something that’s been lightly battered and fried, giving it an airy and savory crisp exterior. Tallahassee’s favorite for delivery is the Shrimp Tempura Roll from the sushi menu at Masa. Shrimp tempura is wrapped up with spring mix veggies and mayo, and rolled with a sushi rice exterior. Hungry? We’ll roll up to your place with Shrimp Tempura delivered. 

Fried Rice

Fried RiceThe Wok Fried Rice from Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi is tossed with onions, bean sprouts, egg, peas, carrots, and scallions. Get it vegetarian style or add your choice of chicken, shrimp, or steak. For a little bit extra you can add side sauces, edamame, miso soup and a side salad. Have a rice day, you deserve it.

Fried Cheese Wontons

cream_cheese_wontonsIf you love cream cheese, these tasty fried appetizers will always leave you wonton more! Tallahassee loves the Fried Cheese Wontons from Tan’s Asian Cafe. Order them as a starter with your Lo Mein or Moo Shu, or just order a bunch as your meal, we don’t judge. We fully support fried cheese lifestyles. 

Panang Curry

Araya's Place (Seattle) - Pumpkin CurryRounding out our list of most-ordered Asian food in Tallahassee is the popular Panang Curry dish from Siam Sushi. Your choice of meat or tofu is simmered with coconut milk, zucchini, carrots, string beans, and bell peppers and kaffir leaves. Choose your spice level, ranging from “no spice” to “Thai hot.” If you’re looking to spice up your next meal, why not give Panang curry a Thai? 

Where do your tastebuds feel like traveling tonight? Bite Squad is your passport for flavor!


*Images shown may not be from dish or restaurant mentioned.