2019: Year in Review

From impossible burgers to chicken sandwich crazes, we’ve seen many food trends come and go through 2019. Now that we’re starting to dig into 2020, we wanted to take a look back on the tasty trends that took hold at Bite Squad over the past year. 

Top 3 of 2019

Lettuce Celebrate!

With greener dishes on the rise, it’s not unusual to see the most-ordered food for Bite Squad customers in 2019 was salad! From Cobb to Caesar to everything in between, folks hopped on the healthy train by ordering lush leaves to their doors. 

Beloved Buns

Coming in hot at number 2 is our commander in beef: the burger. Staying in second from 2018, many different variations of this beefy beauty ranked high on our lists, like the Ultimate and Double-Barrel Burgers from Red Cow in Minneapolis, MN and the Big or Bigger Burgers from Teddy’s Bigger Burgers (talk about a mouthful!) in Oahu, HI. Whether smothered in cheese or layered to perfection with veggies, this timeless pick deserves a patty on the back for a year well done. 

Wingin’ It

Dropping two spots from number 1 in 2018, finger-lickin’ chicken wings round out the top three most-ordered dishes in the past year. With napkins tucked into shirts and blue cheese at the ready, Bite Squad customers flocked to this delicious dish.

Honorable mention to Chick-fil-A nuggets, which flew to the top as the most ordered dish in Little Rock, AR!

Top Picks by State

When looking at our fifty nifty states, it’s always interesting to see which dishes people prefer state by state. By and large, burgers took the most states, but tacos and salad also claimed the hearts of many Bite Squad customers.

December’s Top Dish

As the year was coming to a close, we wanted to give a shout out to the dish that captured the hearts and stomachs of Bite Squad customers in the last month of 2019. Both weird and wonderful, the dish that spiked in orders at the end of 2019 was brussels sprouts! We definitely respect everyone’s side brussel this year and we couldn’t be more proud. 

Surprising Food Trend

Apart from the usual suspects, there was one unique dish that exceeded expectations and increased in popularity by almost 200,000% in 2019! With a fun fusion of Asian flavors and Mexican flair, the Korean BBQ Steak Taco (not pictured) took the charts by storm and really raised the steaks. Want to come out of your shell and give it a try? Tacos 4 Life is serving it up on the daily.

What a flavorful farewell to 2019! Our motto for 2020 is New Year, New Food and so we challenge you to branch out and try some new restaurants and dishes you may not have eaten before! Maybe start a new food trend? We’re excited to see the exciting new foodventures to come in the new year.