The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

Season’s eatings! We’re counting down the top 10 gifts for your favorite foodie.

Anyone who admires good eats as much as we do has a special place in our hearts. This is why we wanted to hunt down the absolute best gifts for that special food lover in your life. From the beautiful and brilliant to absolutely bizarre, yule love the delicious picks we’ve found…

10. Bacon & Eggs Novelty Soap from CandlelitDesserts

Don’t adjust your screen. Though this looks like the perfectly balanced breakfast, this gift is actually scented soap. And yes, the bacon actually smells like bacon! Seriously though, don’t try to eat it.

9. Nugs Not Drugs T Shirt from HUMAN

This shirt has a point. We’re loving the vibe and think it would make a great gift for those livin’ the nug life. Don’t chicken out, just get it for a loved one!

8. Swiss Dish Party Plate from Fred

For fans of wine and cheese, check out the Swiss Dish party plate! It’ll hold your glass of wine and a few hors d’oeuvres so you’ll never have to decide between snacking and sipping. It’s the best of both, while also being a huge slice of cheese.

7. Clam Hat from Oriental Trading

If the model’s face is anything to go by, this hat is a HIT. And just look at how happy that little clam is. This gift wins our vote for “Most Stylish Clam Hat on the Internet” and we’re sure the foodie in your life will love it too.

6. Food Pun Calendar from Target

Lettuce celebrate the beautiful craft of food punnery with this adorable wall calendar! We love it very munch, as will any food fan. Just try to ketchup with our pun game.

5. Fast Food Cross-Body Bags from Mountain Oaks Boutique

These bags are so cute we just want to eat them up! We won’t judge if you just want to secret Santa yourself with this one. It’ll definitely get you compliments and/or hungry looks on the street.

4. Tortilla Blanket from Casofu

Who hasn’t wanted to roll themselves into a human-size burrito?! Now you Mexi-CAN. Coming in a range of sizes and tortilla styles (yes, you read that right.), you can customize your tortilla blanket experience. Guac not included.

3. Food Candles from Stinky Candle Co.

Some people love the fresh scent of linen. These candles are not for them. Give the gift of quirky scents from Stinky Candle Co.! Their name is right on the nose. With whacky scents like corn chips, bacon, dill pickles and beer, you’re sure to find a stink to suit your foodie’s tastes.

2. Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder from Barbuzzo

Taco ‘bout a fun gift for friends, colleagues or anyone who loves a corny pun! This handy holder can fit two tacos and is a fun find for anyone to sink their teeth into.

1. Punny Cheese Art Print from MilkandCookies

Brie-lieve it or not, this adorable art print was our number 1 pick for foodies this holiday season! That cute little face made us melt, so apologies for getting a little cheesy. It’s such a gouda gift idea, too!

Honorable Mention: Bite Squad Gift Cards

When all they want for Christmas is food, we’ve got the perfect digital stocking stuffer. It sure beats trying to wrap their favorite food as a gift, (believe us, it gets messy) and they can get exactly what they’re craving delivered directly to their door!

Which of these gifts tickle your taste buds? We hope it gives a little inspiration for your holiday shopping. Now who’s hungry? Scrolling can work up an appetite, but don’t worry, we’ve got your fix right here! Just click the button below to get started.