A Share Thanksgiving ‘thanks.’

“A gesture of hope, a gesture of love, a gesture of simply caring about your neighbors.”

As the Market Manager for Florence, South Carolina, Kimberly Davis works every day to ensure her delivery customers receive an amazing experience. But her experience from Share Thanksgiving was filled with special and memorable moments. We asked Kimberly to share a little bit about it here:

How would you describe your role in bringing Share Thanksgiving to life?

“I planned and organized the delivery efforts for Share Thanksgiving, as well as made deliveries with my team each day.”

What was your most memorable moment from doing Share Thanksgiving?

“There were two really memorable moments for our team while doing Share Thanksgiving. The  first was delivering to a young lady and her family. She’s spent her life in a wheelchair and currently has to be carried from the vehicle inside. By delivering to this family and learning more about the young lady’s condition, we were able to get them into contact with a local group that could help get a ramp built. The second memorable moment for my team was pulling up to a house and having an ambulance leaving the house at the same time. We were unsure as to what we were going to do or if anyone was even home. We were set to deliver two meals to a mother and daughter. The daughter answered the door and seemed extremely frantic. Upon speaking with her, we learned that the ambulance had just brought her mother home from the hospital and that she had not even begun to think about what they would do for dinner. She was extremely grateful. She went on to tell us that this was the 4th time her mother had been in the hospital in the last month.” 

What does Share Thanksgiving mean to you personally?  

“Share Thanksgiving to me personally is more than just delivering meals to families or people in need. It is about making a connection with residents in our community, and taking a moment to learn what someone else is going through. To see a glimpse into their hectic lives and offer a simple gesture: A gesture of hope, a gesture of love, a gesture of simply caring about your neighbors. Being able to see the smiles and the relief of having one less decision to make that day, and, for a moment, not having to worry.”

Our customers nominated, we donated. In a joint effort with our amazing local restaurant partners, together we delivered more meals during Thanksgiving week to families in need than ever before. 

Our goal was to donate 4,000 meals, and we’re pleased to announce we were able to deliver 5,591 meals across 52 markets where we serve.

From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to all who participated!