The top 8 cheesy items we deliver.

Say cheese! These top cheesy picks for delivery are sure to make you smile.

In queso emergency, order Bite Squad! We took notes on your favorite cheese-centric dishes for delivery, and here are the results. 

Cheese Dip

Cheese Dip (1)The big cheese coming in at #1 is cheese dip! Queso blanco, queso fundito, and straight up “cheese dip” are all good menu items to consider when you’re craving something melty. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of chips, pretzels, or anything dunkable to go along with it. Or simply eat it like soup if that’s your preference. We’re proud supporters of all cheese-related lifestyles. 

Mozzarella Sticks

CheeseSticksWhen you need a really good stretch, reach for some mozz’ sticks instead of your yoga mat. Pull cheese. Not muscles. 


Chicken Quesadilla (2)Two toasty tortillas with melted cheese in the middle, a quesadilla is the perfect snack or meal when you feel the need for cheese. Boost a basic quesadilla by adding your favorite meat or beans, and dunk it in sour cream, salsa or guac for extra yumminess. 

Chile con Queso

Photo by Bob ColemanTex-Mex it up with chile con queso! Because chile is good, but chile con queso is chil-even better. 

Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds (1)Sometimes referred to as “squeaky” cheese due to their springy texture, these are the preferred cheesy snack for Upper Midwesterners. Be on the lookout for this trending menu item near you and try some today!

Cheese Calzone

cheese calzone (1)We love anything that has cheese tucked inside, so calzones are no exception. It’s pizza dough that’s been folded over cheese, and baked to melted perfection. This pillowy treat combines the yum factor of pizza with the handheld appeal of a sandwich. 

Cheese Pizza

Cheese Pizza (1) (1)We couldn’t have a top cheesy item list without including cheese pizza. Whenever you’re stumped for dinner ideas, you can always rely on your favorite cheese pizza delivered. 

Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese (1)It’s noodles. It’s cheese. It’s the ultimate comfort food. Bling out your favorite mac ‘n’ cheese by adding buffalo chicken, bacon, or lobster. Because you’re fancy like that.

Which of these top cheesy dishes for delivery make you melt?