Celebrate Small Business Saturday!

We’re shining a spotlight on a few hometown heroes. Get involved by using code EATLOCAL for free delivery!

From mom and pop shops, to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, we love supporting small businesses. There’s nothing like walking into a local spot where everyone’s on a first name basis or having your neighborhood barista ask you, “Getting the usual today?”. Big box stores get so much attention during the holidays, so it’s only fair that hometown heroes get their own day to shine! To celebrate, we wanted to feature some of our own restaurant rockstars who are serving uniqueness in their communities.

Looking for some amazing ‘za? Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza (Minneapolis, MN) was the first coal-burning pizza restaurant in Minnesota and has been serving big flavors with their clean-burning Anthracite coal since 2008. The founders, spouses Jordan and Colleen, even live above their restaurant. Many would see this as a hassle, but as Colleen puts it, “We love the feeling of community that exists living above a place that means so much to us. We love going down there and visiting with everyone, both employees and customers alike.” As for their menu: from classic cheese and pepperoni, to unique toppings like fennel sausage and kalamata olives, there are plenty of pizza-bilities for everyone.

Another small business with big flavors is the Whole Hog Cafe (Little Rock, Arkansas), serving up their award-winning barbecue and rib recipes. Starting from “a hobby that got out of hand”, founders Mike ‘Sarge’ Davis, Ron Blasingame and Steve Lucchi started their business as a small trailer in a parking lot. Since then it has evolved into a booming BBQ business that has won a multitude of awards (as well as the hearts of their customers). Check out their menu for the full list of barbecue beauties.

These are only a couple of our amazing restaurant partners and we want to give a big thank you to all of our small-but-mighty businesses! We hope that this gets you in the mood for ordering some neighborhood eats in your area. Want to get involved? Get free delivery today while supporting small businesses by using code EATLOCAL at checkout.