Happy National Sandwich Day!


We’re celebrating with free delivery on 11/3

Sandwiches are the greatest, right? We love delivering sandwiches. We love eating sandwiches. We love basically everything about sandwiches. 

So today on this special day as we celebrate the miracle known as the sandwich, we’re giving our customers free delivery on any order (not just sandwiches, but come on, how great does a sandwich sound right now?) with promo code SANDWICHDAY19

And today has also got us thinking… what is the greatest thing since sliced bread? When was sliced bread even invented? Hasn’t bread been around, for like, ever? 

So we did a little research. And by “a little research,” we mean we Googled it and read an article. Specifically, this article. 

Basically, yes – bread has been around. And yes, people have sliced it. But when Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented the first automated bread slicing machine in the 1920’s, by the 1930’s people fully relied on the convenience of pre-sliced bread. And the now-uniform slices began to drive other standardized inventions of kitchen convenience, such as toasters. 

Convenience has driven the need for basically all mechanized innovations of food preparation. And it seems that “the greatest thing since sliced bread” relates to new breakthroughs and inventions that make food more convenient.

So that has us thinking even more. What’s a better breakthrough for food convenience than getting your favorite restaurant food delivered right to your doorstep? 

And then, it hit us. 

Bite Squad really is the greatest thing since sliced bread.