Work Hard. Relax Harder.

Work Hard. Relax Harder.

Don’t labor on Labor Day, order delivery!

On the first Monday of September, we honor the achievements of American workers. The lucky ones are granted the day off of work and given a three-day weekend to rest. Whether or not that’s you, you still deserve a break! Today, don’t cook. Order Bite Squad restaurant delivery!

Need some helpful tips to avoid extra labor on Labor Day?
Look no further.  

Get out of grill duty.

You have way too much relaxing to do today. Grilling involves time, standing up, and handling raw meat. With Bite Squad, you can have your favorite foods, made by your favorite restaurants, delivered right to your door. If burgers, brats, and BBQ is what you’re craving, we’ll bring it. Is sushi, pad thai, or a salad more your style? You’re in control of your own Labor Day celebration.

Embrace the “recliner” things in life. 

Do you have a lawnmower? An old go-kart, perhaps? With some minor modifications, your basic recliner could be souped-up comfort on wheels. Cruise around with ease and speed while also getting much-needed lumbar support. Is the remote all the way on the other side of the room? No problem. Is your Bite Squad driver knocking on the door? Easy. Kick your shoe-free feet up and lounge all day long. 


We call this “building leadership skills.” Stuff has to get done, but not by you! If bribery is needed, we deliver desserts. 


If all else fails, go underground (no, not literally underground, we don’t deliver there). Couch cushion forts and fuzzy blankets make great (and comfortable) hiding spots. Going underneath the bed covers works, too. If they can’t find you, they can’t put you to work.


Are you ready to relax like a champion?