Party Like it’s 2012!

#HBD and #TBT and #FBF and all the acronyms… it’s our birthday and we’re reflecting on all the good times (and good eats) over the past seven years. 

Ahhh, 2012. Macklemore was popping tags at the thrift shop, the Avengers were coming together to battle Loki, and Michael Phelps was casually picking up his 19th Olympic medal.

But most notably, Bite Squad was born!


Minneapolis residents who once had to trek out in the snow/ice/roadwork seasons to get the delicious restaurant food they craved could now get it delivered right to their doorstep. 

What else was going on in 2012?

Gas was… expensive.

Tom Brady did NOT get a ring that year (Eli Manning did).

Justin Bieber was a teenager.

Moms in book clubs everywhere were reading “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Someone was getting YOLO tattooed across their chest.

If you didn’t snag a new iPhone 5, how did you even Snap or Pinterest?

The world definitely didn’t end on December 21 (sorry Mayan prophecy doomsday-ers).

Admit it. You had a pair of wedge sneakers, didn’t you?

Wednesday nights meant… new Modern Family episode!

We decided on “Bite Squad,” despite the wild popularity of the names Aiden and Sophia.

We were delivering food in only one state (now we deliver in 20 states!).

Waitr did not yet exist (they were founded in 2013 and bought us in 2019!).

We had a different logo (we got a new one in 2018!).


Seven years, 300+ cities, and millions of happy customers later… Bite Squad is the only place you’ll ever have to go online to shop menus and order delivery or takeout. We’ve partnered with the best local restaurants, hand-picked our food-lovin’ customer support squad, engineered a sweet app, and wrangled up our own fleet of environmentally-friendly vehicles. What a great trip it’s been!

Reflecting on this amazing journey, we have so much gratitude for our customers. So, just for you…

Use code 2012 at checkout today to get free delivery on your order!*


Thank you for trusting us to deliver your precious food… since 2012!

*Enter code 2012 at checkout to apply discount. Valid for $0 in booking fees. No cash value and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. One per person/household.