National Chicken Wing Day Wing-Off

The proper way to enjoy one of America’s favorite foods is a hot topic – literally.

July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day, so we’re ordering a bunch of wings and debating all sides of the argument with our mouths full.  

Traditional Bone-in Wings vs. Boneless Wings

Bone-in wing fans love “flats and drummies” for the crispy skin and succulent, tender meat. There’s just something so satisfying about picking all those yummy, saucy bits from the bone. On the other hand, boneless wings are packed with all-white meat and protein, and covered with a golden breading that seems to hold the sauce just right. And, boneless is much easier to eat with a fork. Which brings us to…

Fork vs. Fingers

It’s pretty tricky to eat traditional bone-in wings with a fork (trust us, we’ve tried and have the stains on our shirts to prove it), but it’s a great way to enjoy boneless if you’re trying to keep your fingers clean. But if you don’t eat wings with your fingers, you can’t lick all that delicious extra sauce off your hands… which of course you’ll absolutely do in the privacy of your own home because you just had to get wings delivered (of course). And at home, you can even take a shower to rinse off the sauce and meat sweats! Which brings us to…

Napkin vs. Shower (jk… kinda)

Wings go with sauce like cookies go with milk. One may exist without the other, but the magic truly happens when they come together. So when it comes to cleaning oneself after a saucy, wingy feast, a napkin might do. A wet-nap is better. Depending on the level of enthusiasm in which you consume your wings, maybe a post-wing shower is for you. Have you heard of “shower beer”? What if “shower wings” could be a new trend? You know, eating wings while you’re in the shower. Great idea, or worst idea ever? Bottom line, you’re gonna be saucy. Which brings us to…

Sweet vs. Spicy

Wings come with so many different types of sauces. From sweet honey mustard and mild garlic parmesan to mega-hot habanero and ghost pepper, the list goes on and on (and on, basically forever). Some might argue that spicy, Scoville-busting wings are the only way to go. Others with more delicate taste buds may opt for a sweeter kind of heat. All sauce is good sauce in our book. Which brings us to…

BBQ vs. Buffalo

Smoky BBQ-flavored wings are so good. Classic Buffalo-flavored wings are so good. There’s really nothing to debate here. The real question is, what are you going to dip these in? Which brings us to…

Blue Cheese vs. Ranch

This is the ultimate debate for wing fans. When it comes to classic Buffalo-style wings, nothing but blue cheese will do. With some of the hotter sauces, dunking in cool and savory ranch hits the spot. We always order extra side cups of each, because we’re saucy like that. 

Which side(s) of the wing debate are you on?

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