Somebody’s turning 243, and we’re celebrating with a patriotic promo! In honor of our “nifty fifty” states, get 50% off of your booking fee throughout the holiday weekend (July 4th-7th) with promo code 5050.

We’re also throwing an All-American Potluck BBQ, and we invited all 50 states!

Some of the states are not good with names (Wyoming always forgets Massachusetts’ name, and New Hampshire always gets the Dakotas mixed up, it’s awkward) so we made a game of it. Each state has to bring a type of food to the potluck that starts with the first letter of their name (we thought there’d be more food emojis…)
ALABAMA 🍏 They brought Apples. See? Look at what a good start we are off to.

ALASKA 🐟 They brought… Salmon. Salmon? Alaska, did you not read the invitation?

ARIZONA 🥗 Arizona brought Asparagus. Very cool, thanks AZ.

ARKANSAS 🥔 Artichokes. Not sure how to cook these, but ok.

CALIFORNIA 🥒 Cucumbers. This is shaping up to be quite a healthy potluck.

COLORADO 🍺 Colorado brought… seriously?? Sigh. We’ll call you a ride.

CONNECTICUT  🤷🏻‍♀️ Hi, who are you? Oh, yes of course, sorry. Sometimes all the Northeast states are kind of a blur. Anyway, thanks for the Clams.

DELAWARE 🍩 Donuts. Perfect!

FLORIDA 🍇 Fruit salad, how lovely! We definitely didn’t expect anything weird from you, Florida.

GEORGIA 🍑 Peaches? Again, did you not read the- ohhh wow nevermind these are good.

HAWAII 🐷 Ham. Or is that Spam? Close enough.

IDAHO 🥔 It technically starts with “I” because it’s “Idaho Potato Salad?” Ok, also close enough.

ILLINOIS 🍦 Ice cream. Sweet!

INDIANA ❄️ Thank goodness Indiana brought Ice because we totally forgot to swing by the gas station.

IOWA 🍨 More Ice Cream? Not complaining.

KANSAS 🥬 Kale on the 4th of July? Seems un-American but we appreciate the effort.

KENTUCKY 🥤 Kool-Aid. Oh, yeah!

LOUISIANA 🍋 Lemonade. Perfect.

MAINE 💪🏼 Mussels. Maybe set these next to the clams?

MARYLAND 👨 Mustard. Good idea.

MASSACHUSETTS 🤦🏻‍♂️𝑨𝑨𝑨𝑨𝑨 Mayonnaise. Nice to see some condiments arriving.

MICHIGAN 🍁 Maple syrup? Interesting take. Let’s hope Pennsylvania pulls through with some pancakes.

MINNESOTA 🐟 Is this a bucket of… Minnows? We meant bring food for people. Not for fish.

MISSISSIPPI 🥭 Mangos. Are these ripe?

MISSOURI 🍄 Mushrooms. Cool, we can grill these.

MONTANA 🥛 Milk. Oh, it’s fresh goat milk? Should we keep it in the fridge?

NEBRASKA 🍜 Noodles. Yes it is quite tricky to think of “N” foods, isn’t it?

NEVADA 🍜 Noodles. More… noodles.

NEW HAMPSHIRE 🍜 Also noodles.

NEW JERSEY 🍜 Noodles. Go ahead and add them to the other noodles.

NEW MEXICO 🍜 Let me guess. Noodles.

NEW YORK 🥜 Noodl- Hey, NY brought Nuts! Yay!

NORTH CAROLINA 🍜 Aaaand noodles.

NORTH DAKOTA 🍜 Rounding out the “N” states with… more noodles.

OHIO 🍸 Olives. Let’s put these next to the nuts.

OKLAHOMA 🥔 Onions. Let’s grill these with Missouri’s mushrooms.

OREGON 🍚 Oatmeal? This is a BBQ. Work with us here.

PENNSYLVANIA 🤷🏻‍♀️ Pennsylvania brought… Prunes? Not pulled pork, pickles, pies, pancakes… or literally anything else??

RHODE ISLAND 🍇 Raisins. At least we can eat these with Oregon’s oatmeal.

SOUTH CAROLINA 🥔 Sunchokes. What is a sunchoke? Is it like an artichoke, or no?

SOUTH DAKOTA 🍓 Strawberries. Good one.

TENNESSEE 🍅 Tomatoes, sliced and ready to go. 10/10 for effort, TN.

TEXAS 🌮 (Please be tacos… please be tacos…) Turnips! How… clever!

UTAH 🔍 Has anyone heard from Utah?

VERMONT 🍲 Vich… Vichy… Vichyssoise? Sounds fancy, Vermont.

VIRGINIA 🥩 Venison. Hooray for meat.

WASHINGTON 🍉 Watermelon! We could kiss you, Washington.

WEST VIRGINIA 🥠 Waffles! Hey, Michigan! Get over here!

WISCONSIN 🥬 Watercress. Is this food, or…?

WYOMING 🧁 Whipped cream, woohoo! Perfect for pie… that… we… don’t have.

Wow, states.
We appreciate you, but this is honestly the worst potluck ever. I mean, clams? It’s a good thing Bite Squad is offering half-off their booking fees because we’re going to need more actual food. And why did our founding fathers decide that no states should start with B, anyway? Burgers, brats, brisket… now we’re ready to celebrate

‘Merica, we love you!