Driver Spotlight: A Letter from April

April, in bloom.

Our Marketing Department recently received a sweet letter from a dedicated driver in Bristol, Tennessee, and we wanted to share it as a thank you to all our drivers everywhere.

I wanted to send this email because I wanted to share my experience as a driver and working for Bite Squad….

April Parker, Bite Squad Delivery Driver

“I started in November, 2018, and was a little apprehensive because it was all new to me. I had to get used to the app and the routes, but I’ve had positive feedback from our partners and customers.

April Parker

I have enjoyed getting to know the restaurant folks, and they’re getting to know me. I also have repeat customers who always greet me with a smile—it seems that I have made a positive impact delivering food. One day I met the owner of Sloopy’s on Eastman and he told me that I was one of the friendliest drivers he’s met. That meant a lot to me since I’m not a smiley person.

Now I’m not a social butterfly, and it’s always been very different for me to work with the public and strike up conversations with folks I don’t know. But when I visit for my pick-up or drop-off, folks have been so warm and welcoming to me and that helps me get through my day.

Flexible Scheduling, Support and Making a Living

I raise my grandson and was working both with Bite Squad and at a restaurant, but hours were getting cut back so much that it was very hard to make ends meet, so I made the decision to work full-time with Bite Squad.

My boy and I have a lot of appointments with doctors and therapists, which takes a toll on me and my working hours. However, my schedules are great because they’re flexible and I can work around my conflicts.

I moved here from Biloxi, Mississippi in 2012. The next year, my husband passed away and it’s has been really hard. I want to thank those who have helped me during my deliveries, especially the times my car has had issues. Dispatch is so good to me and I feel like we’re friends, even though we’ve never met.

Tips for Drivers

Don’t look at this as a job but kind of an adventure. Smile. Greet people. Help with little things they may need before you leave. I’ve delivered to several shut-in’s who needed me to put a small bag of trash in their can, close their door or just talk to them. A kind gesture or word does go a long way and they remember you.

Try to remember the names of people you deliver to, and even the last conversation you had with them. Life is tough enough for most people, so try to go the extra mile by coming up with little things to do while delivering, like carrying extra utensils and straws along, as well as to -go menus.”

If you’re interested in driving for Bite Squad, apply now. We’d love to welcome you to the Squadron!