Driver Spotlight: Darry Oliver

“I felt like the man that day.”

It was just a normal shift for Darry. Until a little girl made his day.

How’d you get started at Bite Squad?

I was working with your standard pizza delivery chain and I would always see this Bite Squad delivery driver go to the artisanal pizza place next door. I decided to ask what life was like on the other side, and his response checked all the boxes for me as a student. I went home that day and applied online immediately.  Two weeks later I was working for Bite Squad and I knew I had found something new and techie—kind of like the next tier of the delivery game. It felt like I had ascended!

What do you like most about working for Bite Squad?

Honestly? I don’t feel like I am owned. There is a lot of freedom that comes with being a Bite Squad employee. You can clock in wherever you are, there is no centralized location to return to once your bag is empty, and you make your own schedule—just to name a few. With great power comes great responsibility, and I am proud to be a part of the new wave. Another cool thing I really enjoy is being able to see my earnings constantly ticking up in the driver app. You feel like you are making progress.

What has been your best memory from delivering for Bite Squad?

That is easily what happened almost two weeks ago. I am in the groove and the night is going well. I arrive at the customer’s house and I am greeted by what appears to be the whole family, and leading the charge is this little four-year-old girl holding a piece of paper. A few family members help finalize the delivery process and one of them says that the little girl had something for me. She had drawn a picture for me!

Kids are special. They are just happy to be alive; everything to them is exciting and new. Knowing this, I responded as warmly as I could to the picture. I was touched that she would do something special for no reason other than to make me happy! I found out later that week that the family was beyond thrilled with the experience.

What’s the funniest or wackiest thing a customer has done?

There was one delivery where they requested in the driver’s note for me to do the “Thanos finger snap” as I delivered the food.  So I did it very dramatically and I said nothing. I walked away, and all I heard was these guys saying, “DUDE, NO WAY! That was awesome!” I felt like the man that day.

What’s your favorite local restaurant and what’s your favorite menu item?

I don’t get the chance to eat at restaurants too often, but there’s this Italian place called Luce Cucina. I really like the tortellini there—the Alfredo sauce is killer (be careful, its deadly)!

If you’re interested in driving for Bite Squad, apply now. We’d love to welcome you to the Squadron!

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