Pizza and Orange Juice: A Love Story 🍕🍊❤️

“This has to be perfect,” I shouted across the conference room table. “Our whole campaign is riding on it!”

Our “date night” ad was a big deal for us, and the stakes were high. We had to nail everything that’s wonderful about ordering Bite Squad: romance, fun, convenience, and of course, great food.

Did we nail it? You be the judge (but yeah, we totally nailed it).

Look at that ad! The copy is on 🔥 with its use of the ✔ emoji, attractive couple, and picturesque industrial-loft setting. The expression on the couple’s face is so perfect. It says, “I’m loving this date and my partner, but most of all I love that someone brought this delicious food to my door.” That’s a nuance that’s not easy to capture in a photo, but we really nailed it. Eat your heart out, Grubhub. (Also, plz don’t use that stock photo for your stuff—dibs. Ok? Be cool.)

But every masterpiece will always find a critic. And wouldn’t you know, just a mere 13 days after we started running this Facebook ad targeted at people in a relationship, we found ours:

This was bad. The critique was strong. Straight to the point, and tough to argue. How did we miss that? Pizza and orange juice? Is it weird? I don’t even know. And who was this Barrett Cornish? Was he a spy sent from the competition? A former employee with an ax to grind? Or worsean actual customer with honest feedback about our messaging?

Whatever we did, we had to react fastwe couldn’t afford a misstep. Twenty-two hours and 9 minutes later, after several artisanal pizza and organic OJ tastings, an emergency board meeting, and an all-night brainstorm session, we had our response:

Heh. Nailed-it part deux. The campaign was back on track, and with a 300% increase in likes on our comment, we figured the story would end there. We planned to go back to crushing it with dope Facebook ads. But then something unexpected happened, again:

Wow. There we were, ready for war, when Barrett goes and does something that softens even the most battle-hardened marketer. He did what our ad suggested he do.

After we gathered ourselves, we managed to reach out to Barrett to see what we could do to help him create the perfect date night-in experience… if only he could find someone who shares in this newfound love of Pizza and Orange Juice🍕🍊 (can you hashtag emojis? #🍕🍊?).

After all, we needed this to work in real life—that’s the kind of thing that reporters write about and BuzzFeed makes gif posts about. This was too good to just leave at that.

So we worked through the night to find the perfect PizzOJ (#🍕🍊) date experience for Barrett. All we needed was for him to find a mate, and wouldn’t you know—he did. As soon as we got the fax from Barrett that he had a match, we deployed our very best Squad member in the area, Malique, armed with the finest of pizzas, to be paired with the freshest of Florida Orange Juice. (Shout out to Florida! Plz share this post, ok?)

Barrett looks so happy, and we know we found a true love connection. So… how did this little setup work? Did PizzOJ🍕🍊 work it’s magic? Once again, I’ll let you be the judge (but we totally nailed it… part treux):

Cheers to Barrett, his date, and all you PizzOJ (#🍕🍊) fans out there. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Bite Squad.


Craig Key leads the Marketing team for Bite Squad, and is a connoisseur of citrus juices and artisanal pizzas. Craig can be reached via email at Craig [at]