Behold the Most Popular Pizza Joints in Ocala and their Most Out-of-the-Box Pies

There’s no better excuse for ordering up a hot, cheesy, drool-worthy pie than National Pizza Day on February 9. It’s an entire day dedicated to the wonder and joy that is pizza, so be sure to pay homage to this national treasure with a slice (or several) from one of the most popular pizza places in town.

We crunched the numbers and these five pizzerias are the most ordered from for delivery in Ocala. And while a large cheese pie is the most frequently ordered ‘za across the board (and across the country, by the way), we’re thinking National Pizza Day is a great time to try something new, which is why we’re including a “most-unique pizza” pick for each local hot spot.

1. Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza

The Pizza Antico from Piesanos.

Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza knows there are some things you just can’t improve upon; that’s why their most-unique pie is actually an old-fashioned favorite. The Pizza Antico, which means “antique,” features the same ingredients used by the first pizzerias in New York since 1905: fresh mozzarella, mini cup and char pepperoni, and fresh basil.

2. Blue Highway Pizzeria

For a fun(ghi)-filled pie try the Funghi Pizza from Blue Highway. This vegetarian delight is brimming with ‘shrooms like portobello, shiitake, fancy white and oyster, plus Parmesan, Romano and fontina cheeses, white wine cream sauce and parsley. Woohoo!

3. Sammy’s Italian Restaurant & Pizza

It’s hip to be square at Sammy’s! Delivered from the heart of Sicily to your home in Ocala, the square-shaped House Special Pizza is a Sicilian-style, thick-crust pie you can really sink your teeth into.

4. Formaggio Pizza & Italian Restaurant

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Formaggio’s.

What’s better on Game Day (or any day, really) than buffalo wings? A Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Formaggio’s with chicken, Buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese dressing, of course!

5. Pronto Pizza

When your healthy side wants to order salad and your indulgent side wants pizza, you compromise and order Pronto’s Salad Pie! Now, just to decide on antipasto or Greek style—and hot or cold?

So the next time you’re ordering pizza in the Ocala area, look no further than these top restaurants and out of the ordinary pies!