5 Tips for Restaurants to Successfully Capitalize on Delivery

Increase sales with Bite Squad!

Broaden the radius of your business to customers outside your restaurant walls by offering food delivery. Wondering how to be successful at it? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 to provide quality service to your customers and increase your sales. Check out Bite Squad’s top five tips to effectively offer delivery. Once you see how easy it is to implement delivery and the assets Bite Squad provides, we’re confident you’ll want to learn more!

Leverage the delivery service.

Delivery services exist to help your restaurant increase orders and help customers enjoy your dishes. Third party delivery services are fully equipped to manage the customer service, marketing, and delivery tracking of your meals so you don’t have to!

Advertise delivery.

This can be easily done by working with a third party delivery service. Bite Squad provides you with in-store collateral to showcase delivery within your restaurant and helps you add delivery links to your website, as well as food photography to your menu. Not to mention, we’ll feature your restaurant on our Facebook page upon request. These are resources you can utilize to increase your restaurant awareness.

Delegate delivery responsibilities to staff.

Making sure that your staff know who’s responsible for communicating the tablet orders to the kitchen and who’s handing delivery orders to the driver creates ease amongst the staff and efficiency in order handling.

Learn delivery busy times.

Just like your restaurant has typical busy times, so do delivery orders. Recognizing when delivery orders come in the most can either add to your standard busy times or boost your slow times. Planning accordingly can help maximize your restaurant’s quality service.

Package dishes properly.

Delivery drivers at Bite Squad use insulated bags to ensure your food arrives at the right temperature. You can also package your dishes in certain ways to help preserve the food’s quality by the time it arrives at the customer’s door. Simply review your menu and think of ways you would want the customer to receive the order.

To learn more about what Bite Squad’s delivery service can do for you, contact us today and start increasing your sales!