Eclectic Meets Gourmet at Pizza Gallery & Grill

What’s Cooking? So much pizza!

Viera’s Pizza Gallery & Grill in Viera, Florida, has been in business for nearly 30 years with a delightful and unique combination of gourmet pizza along with an active art gallery focused on local artists. But if a trip there to visit the art (before or after enjoying a tasty meal) isn’t in the cards, rest assured you can still enjoy the food.

Bite Squad delivers from Pizza Gallery & Grill in Viera, Florida.

PG&G’s menu is extensive, much more so than the average pizza parlor. There are seven types of crusts to choose from (original, whole wheat, cornmeal, crispy flatbread, crustless, gluten free, and portobello mushroom); as well as 11 cheese choices; 14 sauces (everything from traditional tomato sauce to Cajun remoulade, Memphis BBQ, sriracha, garlic butter and sesame teriyaki, among others); and 45 topping options, ranging from beef short rib to roasted corn and peppers, three kinds of onions to crab and grouper. Or if you’d rather not curate your own pizza, there are several preconceived masterpieces to consider, from the Michelangelo Italian Pie to the Davinci Masterpiece.

Garlic knots from Pizza Gallery & Grill

Jamie Meagher, the curator at PG&G, noted that among the most popular delivery items are the personal gourmet pizzas, as well as their world-famous garlic knots that are hand-tied and come with your choice of dipping sauce (like pesto, teriyaki and honey barbecue) . Pizza is, of course, a staple in the delivery world, but Meagher added that their pizzas can be ordered take-n-bake, and you’ll be provided with a special cooking disk to bake the pizza in your own oven.

Another popular delivery choice is the Colossal Create Calzone. Colossal is an apt description; each calzone comes with your choice of three types of dough folded over the toppings. Like pizza, calzones travel well, and if you need to eat them later, a quick reheat in the oven well freshen them right up.

So enjoy these culinary works of art, right in your own home!

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