Get Acquainted with Palermo’s Pizza in Las Vegas

What’s Cooking? New York-style pie in Sin City!

Pizza is the quintessential delivery food. If you’re looking for pizza (as well as chicken wings,  sandwiches and salads) in Las Vegas and love working with neighborhood institutions, Palermo’s Pizza is for you. It opened its doors in 1979, and over the years has changed names and owners, but still serves New York-style pizza that will make your heart happy.

Owner Manuel Ramirez says he’s been told by many customers that Palermo’s pizza is the closest thing to authentic New York-style pizza in town—and Vegas is a big town. It’s no wonder that pizza is the number one delivery item at Palermo’s. But it has competition from another part of the menu: “Chicken wings are in the fight for first place,” Ramirez said, laughing.

He notes that all of their menu travels well, so all of it is good for delivery. Things like salads come with dressings on the side, so they won’t sog up the lettuce in transit. He does have a couple of recommendations regarding pizza orders.” In the winter, when it gets colder outside, pizzas can chill more quickly, so order them close to the time you want to eat them,” he said. “We have heated delivery bags, but if the pizzas are going to sit, they’ll lose heat. Of course they can be reheated just fine. But everything’s best fresh.” When it comes to reheating, he says never microwave pizza. “Oven. Always the oven.”

The long-time restaurant is making a few changes in the weeks to come, including a kid’s menu with healthier items. In the meantime, join the crowds who have made pepperoni pizza the top-selling pizza for delivery, with Palermo’s Supreme (pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, black olives, and cheese) a close second.   

Ramirez says it’s all good. “I became the owner-manager four years ago,” he said. “I’m not Italian, I’m Mexican, but what can I say? I love Italian food.” Sounds like he’s in the right place.

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