Ole Baba: Farm to Fork Mediterranean Food

What’s Cooking? Fare that’s fresh, seasonal, local.

Ole Baba is a new addition to the Jacksonville, Florida, food scene, and not only can you have its food delivered to you, but currently that’s the only way to get this made-from-scratch food. The restaurant plans to eventually open dine-in seating, but right now, Bite Squad is definitely your best friend.

That’s because Ole Baba is bringing new, fresh flavors to town, with recipes developed by owner Rami Mustafa’s family, created with quality fresh ingredients. “Our recipes are what we do for our families, delivered to your home,” he says. “This is real Middle East food, not Americanized. Everything is made to order, nothing is cooked ahead of time, so it’s all fresh.”

There’s nothing on the menu that Mustafa wouldn’t hesitate to send out on delivery. But if he had to pick a few favorites to recommend, he quickly mentions the classic Egyptian dish Kushari, a hearty dish with noodles, lentils, chickpeas, and a spiced tomato sauce, all topped with crispy onions. “It has lots of protein, so it’s rich and filling,” he says.

He also notes that the restaurant frequently uses bulgur in place of rice for a healthier alternative. And while there are dishes with meat (notably lamb), much of the menu is appropriate for vegetarians. Yet the heartiness of the dishes will satisfy diners who are used to a more meat-and-potatoes approach.

For those who like a bit of heat in their dishes, let Ole Baba know when ordering. “The kushari has a little spice to it, but nothing too hot,” Mustafa says. “But if someone wants something spicier, of course we can customize, but they’re responsible for the extra chiles!”

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