7 Reasons a Bite Squad Gift Card Is the Perfect Gift

A way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach

Shopping for the perfect gift can be challenging and time consuming. You want to be thoughtful, but also make sure that your gift is used and appreciated. And no matter how much time and thought you put into gift giving, almost three-quarters of Americans don’t even like the gifts they receive, according to an article in Time magazine.

So how do you guarantee your gift will be well received? You give a gift card, of course. And not to just some retail shop where the receiver will feel obligated to pick out a sweater or spend hours shopping online for the perfect book. If you give the gift of food—better yet, the food of their choice–you really can’t go wrong.

#1 Literally everyone loves food

Twenty-six percent of people like to receive food as a gift, while 37 percent want a gift card. So, with a Bite Squad gift card, you can please most people!

#2 They get to pick the restaurant

You could buy someone a restaurant gift card, but that would require you to guess where they’d like to eat. With a Bite Squad gift card, they get to choose the restaurant and the food they’re craving, when they’re craving it.

#3 The gift of comfort and convenience

Friends don’t let friends prep, cook and clean for a good meal.

#4 You can buy it—and they can redeem it—without ever leaving home!

Order a gift card on bitesquad.com, and send it right to your friend’s email inbox. Then, they can redeem it on bitesquad.com (or the app), and get delicious food delivered right to their door. What is easier than that? (Perfect for when you need a last-minute present, too.)

#5 It’s the gift they’ll never lose or forget about

Because Bite Squad gift cards are delivered via email, your friend or family member will never lose it (and we suspect they’ll use it before they could ever forget about it).

#6 It’s practical, but also creative

Gifts usually fall under one of two categories: practical (like socks) or fun (like puppies)! But a Bite Squad gift card is both. Practical, because everyone has to eat. Fun, because they get to experience the joy and deliciousness of restaurant delivery.

# 7 Holiday shopping online saves you time

People spend an average of 14 hours shopping for gifts. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Just send your loved ones the perfect gift in a matter of minutes. Especially helpful when you’re in need of a last minute gift idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Make someone happy!