The Quintessential Corner Bar: Maxwell’s American Pub

What’s Cooking? “Very good bar food” in Minneapolis

Maxwell’s American Pub in Minneapolis is pretty much the dictionary entry for “classic neighborhood bar and grill.” We’re happy to use the present tense there; the story could have had a different ending after the long-time neighborhood staple suffered a devastating fire in February, 2008. Neighbors and regulars were devastated to see the century-old building and its friendly tenant engulfed in flames.

But from those ashes, Maxwell’s rebuilt and reopened in 2009 with Michael “Rosie” Rosenstiel as General Manager. In fact, he came on board after the fire, not long after selling his own bar. He took the helm when the doors reopened and grateful regulars returned. “We are the quintessential corner ‘hood bar in Minneapolis,” he said.

These days, Maxwell’s isn’t just popular with eat-in guests, but with Bite Squad customers. Rosie noted that the things that make Maxwell’s a solid hit with the dine-in crowd, also make it a good bet for delivery. “We have strong consistency in the food, in service, and our staff basically makes the whole experience,” he said.

Not that it’s the Maxwell’s staff that’s delivering the food. But before it goes out the door, they’re the ones making careful decisions about how to package the food so it’s as high-quality as possible when Bite Squad delivers it. “We’re careful to do things like put dressing on the side of the salads, rather than tossed into them like we do in-house, so the lettuce stays crisp and fresh,” Rosie said. “We wrap avocado slices separately from hot foods so they don’t turn to mush. We try to keep it as close to the in-house experience as we possibly can.”

He noted that Maxwell’s menu, which he describes as “very good bar food,” is full of things that travel well. “Burgers, sandwiches, pastas, salads—they all travel well,” he said. And there’s no one item on the menu that’s a runaway bestseller for delivery. “Pretty much everything gets ordered,” he said. “We see everything going out. Our fries, our Southwest Salad, burgers, pizza rolls, they all get ordered for delivery.”

So if the time isn’t right for an in-person visit, know that the Maxwell’s staff will do their utmost to give you their food experience at your home.