Veteran Spotlight: Louise Bennett

Market Manager in Abilene, TX


Former Staff Sergeant and Aerospace Propulsion Craftsman in the U.S. Air Force, Louise Bennett is a natural leader. 

Since Bite Squad launched in Abilene, Texas in July 2018, she has been in command of a team of 50+ drivers in the area.

Our drivers truly are an impeccable group of people,” said Louise. “I can honestly say without them and their willingness to succeed, our team wouldn’t be as effective.” 

We recently sat down with Louise to talk about her military experience, her team and working for Bite Squad:

How did you get started with Bite Squad?
I worked for Arrowhead Delivery (the previous local delivery service) as a driver starting in January 2018, and in May, I was promoted to a dispatcher. When Arrowhead transitioned into Bite Squad, my GM recommended me for an office position with the new company. I applied and within 24 hours, I was offered a Market Manager position for the new Abilene Market.

What was your most memorable moment of military service?
I deployed quite a bit and on one of my deployments I got tasked for a humanitarian airlift out of Ethiopia. It was amazing being part of something so big and helpful and the locals were more than grateful for the supplies we provided them. It was humbling and a great experience to be a part of.

What has being in the military taught you that you apply to your job at Bite Squad?
It has taught me how to lead, and how to follow when necessary. Being in the military made me have a high sense of pride in the work that I do and in doing it not just well, but better than my best. I am always yearning to learn more and to take on more and more responsibilities so that I can help the business propel and to succeed.

What do you like most about working at Bite Squad?
I love the camaraderie that comes from working with and for a group of diverse people. We all come from different backgrounds and yet we all work together simultaneously as an effective team, or squad, for the same mission–serving and stimulating the local community via the food delivery service we offer.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?
When I’m not working (which is hardly ever since I stay committed to my team even after hours–if they’re working, I have to know they are safe and doing well since there are so many hazards associated with being a delivery driver), I am usually spending time with my boyfriend and our two dogs. We like to go for rides in my Jeep with the top off and visit places we’ve never been.


Can you share why you’re grateful for our Bite Squad drivers?
I am grateful for the drivers on my team because they all work together so well as a cohesive unit. We have created an open line of communication and they each work together to help build the team morale and keep things running smoothly. When the order volumes rise and it seems to be getting stressful, my team steps up and will offer to come in on their time off, work past their scheduled times, and get things done.

They make ME want to be a better manager; they make me want to work harder FOR them.

We love your team spirit Louise–and we’re honored to have you on ours!

If you or someone you know want to check out what it’s like to drive for Bite Squad, please head over to our driver application page and get started today!