More Than Candy for Dinner!

Food Delivery on Halloween is on the Rise


This Halloween, trick-or-treaters won’t be the only ones knocking on doors—food delivery drivers will be delivering treats to folks who want more than candy for dinner! In fact, 33% more people are planning to order delivery on Halloween this year than last.

Bite Squad recently conducted an online survey to explore how U.S. consumers use food delivery services on Halloween, and found that people increasingly plan to fuel their ghouls, or themselves, with dinner delivered.

Here are a few more things we learned:

1. Younger people have the largest appetite for Halloween delivery.
Studies show convenience-seeking millennials are more likely to order-in than their parents—and Halloween is no exception. Our survey shows 1 in 10 people ages 18-34 plan to order delivery on Halloween, that’s two times more than those 35+. Of course, no matter your age, we’re all about treating yourself to delivery any night of the year!

2. Parents mostly plan to cook at home on Halloween.
The kids might think Snickers and Starburst count as dinner—but parents know they still gotta eat! While 61% of parents surveyed said they plan to cook at home on October 31, we learned consumers with children in the home are 12% more likely to get delivery for the holiday than non-parents. We think tacos or burgers delivered just might keep moms from turning into monsters on this busy night!

3. Festive Halloween celebrators are the most likely to order delivery.
Non-spirited folks hiding at home with the lights out are not only missing out on the fun, but apparently they’re missing out on the joys of sushi delivered to their door too. Turns out they’re the least likely to get food delivered on Halloween. On the other hand, those celebrating by going to a party or trick-or-treating are the most likely to get delivery. Party on!

Favorite Delivery Treats

We dove into our delivery data and learned that just like kids collecting candy have their most-loved sweets, food-delivery fans favor certain treats more on Halloween than the typical night. Pizza, fries, Chinese food and sushi all see an increase in demand! Though apparently steak, pasta and curry don’t pair so well with Reese’s and Skittles, as all three tend to drop in popularity for the night.

Check out all the survey results in our infographic!