Boost Spirits with the Best Office Halloween Party Ever

Ready to have some bloody fun?

A fun holiday for kids and adults alike, most offices these days celebrate Halloween in one form or another. From creepy décor to spooky music, fun activities to festive foods, here are our tips for throwing the best hassle-free Halloween party at work!

Here’s all the tricks and treats you need to get started:

Costume contest? ✔
Ghoulish cuisine? ✔
Team-building activities? ✔

Office Halloween parties aren’t just fun and games though—they’re natural morale boosters, team bonding opportunities, and help create a collaboration-oriented workplace culture. (And yes, your staff will appreciate being rewarded with a little day-time break from the hustle and bustle of the typical workday.)

Team Costume Contest ☠😈

Bring out the kid in everyone! Get those who’d like to participate to partner up into groups of three to six (whether by department, team or at random). Each group should decide on a team costume together (some fun ideas include the cast of the The Walking Dead, superheroes or zoo animals—or everyone can dress up like that goofy guy from IT… that would be funny, right?). Then the whole office should vote on who they felt had the most thoughtful and unique costume idea. The winning team gets a prize!

Killer Party Food 🔪🍔

No party is complete without delicious food! But make things easy for yourself with drop-off catering (because this is one holiday that is definitely about the treats). It’s quick and easy to order online, you get to choose the restaurant and cuisine, and Bite Squad will drop it off and set it up for you—so you won’t have any hungry monsters coming after you! For feeding a crowd, we suggest subs or sandwiches, barbecue, Greek, Chinese or Mexican food. And if you’re up for it, go the extra mile by making labels for condiments that say things like “vampire blood” and “toxic waste.” And maybe even a signature punch in a cauldron labeled “witch’s brew.”

Activities 🎃

Let the Halloween games begin! If you prefer to keep the office clean, opt for games like Halloween bingo  or Halloween trivia. If a mess is no problem, try team pumpkin carving or the mummy wrap game. Also encourage “desk trick-or-treating,” so that people from different departments can walk around and get to know each other—while giving in to their sweet tooth. It wouldn’t be Halloween without candy!

Then, don’t forget the cobwebs and the Halloween playlist, and the scene will be set for the best bash ever!

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