8 Friends Who Need Food Delivered ASAP

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You’ve discovered this awesome world of restaurant delivery, but don’t keep it all to yourself! That would be selfish. And we all know someone who could benefit from food delivered right to their door. (Like, literally everyone.) But if you’re struggling to think of someone, we’ve created this handy list for you…

The parent who’s strapped for time.

The gamer who can’t get up.

The hungry college student.

The squad that had a little bit too much fun last night…

The roommate who’s always stealing your food.

The sports fan who’s glued to the couch all weekend.

The introvert who just hates people.

The queen who deserves her fav meal for free.

Now that we’ve reminded you of all the people in your life who could use some food, share the love.

What will you eat?!

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