Celebrating Oktoberfest: Best Places to Order German Food in the Twin Cities

Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy, Oi Oi Oi!

Oktoberfest has always been a time for celebration. Originating in October of 1810, Oktoberfest was started in celebration of King Ludwig I’s wedding to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Festivities were held for all of the locals, which included horse races, beer and wine tastings, performances and more. The citizens loved the celebration so much that they began coordinating them every year since! Now days, Oktoberfest is heavily centered around German activities, German food and beer. But you don’t have to go out to experience the spirit of Oktoberfest. Invite some friends over, get a game of Hammerschlagen going and order some delicious German food from Bite Squad!

Gluek’s Restaurant & Bar

Photo courtesy of Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar.

Located in Minneapolis, Gluek’s is the real deal when it comes to German food. Order one of these entrees and get a German beer in your hand, and you’ll feel like you’ve teleported to Munich! Feeling like some spaetzle (soft egg noodles)? Gluek’s has you covered. Gulaschsuppe (soup)? Gluek’s has your back. Pork Schnitzel? You know what to do. Explore Gluek’s menu, order from Bite Squad today and get the Oktoberfest party started!

Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Photo courtesy of Amsterdam Bar and Hall.

A restaurant offering Dutch (a term referring to German people native to the Netherlands) food, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, located in St. Paul, serves up a long list of broodjes—the Dutch word for sandwiches. Whether you go with the seared pit ham with Gouda broodje or the Oktoberfest-appropriate beer braised smoked pork broodje, you can’t go wrong. Which will you order?

New Bohemia

Photo courtesy of New Bohemia.

New Bohemia’s menu is full of German foods from start to finish. Whether you feel like starting off with the hot German potato salad, diving right in with one of more than a dozen sausages they offer, or finishing off with the giant fried cinnamon & sugar pretzel for dessert, New Bohemia has a ton of great German cuisine to offer. And what goes better than a beer and a bratwurst? Order from your closest New Bohemia location today.

Key’s Café

Photo courtesy of Key’s Cafe.

Now, Key’s Café doesn’t specialize in German food, but hear me out—the German items on their menu will knock your socks off. There are, of course, the Reuben and Rachel sandwiches, but the real breath-taker here is the German chocolate cake. Decadent chocolate cake layers are topped with vanilla, coconut and pecan frosting. Seriously, need I say more? Order some from the St. Paul or Minneapolis location.

Crooked Pint Ale House

Photo courtesy of Crooked Pint.

Crooked Pint serves an enormous pretzel, not surprisingly, called The Gigantic Pretzel. This thing is 14 ounces and is served with their creamy beer cheese sauce made from Grain Belt Premium. That beer cheese is served in numerous dishes on the menu, from the beer cheese loaded potato skins to the beer cheese soup and the beer cheese chicken sandwich. Then there is the delicious Reuben sandwich, with which you can never go wrong. If you need some beer cheese in your life, order delivery from the Maplewood Crooked Pint now!

How are you celebrating Oktoberfest this year?

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