Authentic Vietnamese Food in the Twin Cities: Just a Click Away

Vietnamese food: one of the healthiest cuisines in the world

The Twin Cities is home to a large and growing Vietnamese population, and that means we have excellent choices when it comes to authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is known for using fresh herbs and vegetables, little dairy and oil and complementary textures, along with five fundamental taste senses: spicy, sour , bitter, salty and sweet.

Below are just a few of the great choices available for delivery through Bite Squad in the Twin Cities area (delivery service areas vary—check the listings on Bite Squad to verify delivery to you area).

Jasmine 26

Favorites from Jasmine 26.

Jasmine 26 is a long-time Whittier neighborhood mainstay with a wide-ranging menu, including Americanized offerings like egg rolls, chicken satay and pho, along with more specialized dishes including tiger shrimp, basil noodles and Bún bò Huế (soup with rice vermicelli and beef). Get Jasmine 26 delivered.

Kinhdo Restaurant

Among the items on the menu at Kinhdo Restaurant are several iterations of pho; spicy tamarind soup (with egg noodles, chicken, shrimp, cilantro and onions); and basil stir fry (with rice noodles, fresh basil, sweet bell peppers, napa cabbage and onions). Find all your favorites available for delivery.

The Lotus

Egg roll salad from The Lotus in Minneapolis.

The Lotus has been around forever, and their menu is extensive with something for everyone: from cream cheese wontons and sesame chicken to authentic Vietnamese dishes like salt peppered shrimp and cơm tấm (grilled pork over rice served with lettuce, eggs, pickled daikon, carrots and special fish sauce). With two locations in the Twin Cities that deliver with Bite Squad, order your favorite food now from Uptown or Maple Grove.

Lu’s Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of Lu’s Sandwiches.

Also in Whittier, Lu’s Sandwiches specializes in the Vietnamese sandwich, the Banh Mi. Choices include beef, pork, chicken, curry tofu or mock duck topped with fresh cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon, jalapeños, green onions and rich homemade butter and pork pate all in a crispy, fresh baguette. While you’re at it, add an order of spring rolls to start and sweet sesame donuts for dessert.


Num-Mi Vietnamese Kitchen and Grill boasts a thoughtful menu that’s divided into “Rolls, Bowls, and Banh Mi.” Basically, spring rolls (shrimp, BBQ pork, rice noodles, lettuce, mint, cilantro and herbs) or egg rolls (ground chicken, mushrooms, carrots, onions and herbs), soups or noodle bowls, and traditional banh mi sandwiches. Whether carnivore or vegan, though, you’ll find something here for delivery.

Vina Vietnamese

Almond Ding Stir Fry from Vina Vietnamese.

St. Paul’s Vietnamese eatery, Vina Vietnamese, offers a wide of array of Asian-American dishes, but it also has an extensive menu of Vietnamese soups, rice noodle salads, stir fries, noodle dishes, rice platters with your choice of grilled meat, veggie and meat entrees and a good number of spicy options. Take your pick!

Vo Vietnamese

The Hot and Spicy entree from Vo’s Vietnamese in Minneapolis.

Vo’s Vietnamese offers several Vietnamese barbecue entrees including Com Ga Nuong (BBQ chicken, steamed rice, small salad), Com Suon Nuong (with BBQ pork) and Com Dac Biet (egg roll, chicken and beef brochette with plain fried rice). There are also traditional cold entrees like Bun Cha Gio and Bun Tom Nuong, plus a variety of soups beyond pho, such as Hu Tieu Thap Cam and Mi Hoanh Thanh. Check out the menu to order.

Find your favorite Vietnamese food for delivery.

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