6 Fall-Flavored Dishes With a Twist to Order in the Twin Cities

Welcome fall with open arms and open mouths as you try these seasonal dishes

Labor Day is over, and we know what that means: Summer is coming to an end and fall is near. For some, it’s hard to say goodbye to those long, hot, sunny days. For others, it’s a reason to rejoice because it means football, chilly weather and comfort food.

We all love our fall staple flavors. But in the Twin Cities, not only can you find those nostalgic flavors – you can find them with a twist!

Fall Flavor Inspiration: Pumpkin

We carve them, we eat them, we use them for decoration… pumpkins are used in so many ways during the fall season and in culinary dishes alike. Ready to venture from your typical pumpkin pie?

The Mekong Pumpkin Curry from Mekong River in Columbia Heights, a suburb of Minneapolis, is made of sweet and spicy green curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, Thai basil, eggplants, bell peppers, kaffir leaves and pumpkin. Not only is this dish spicy and delicious, but it’s also vegetarian! Welcome in the fall season and order this pumpkin curry tonight.

Fall Flavor Inspiration: Squash

Photo courtesy of Delicata Pizza + Gelato.

Another member of the gourd family, squash is a must-have during fall. Of course it’s delightful on its own, but there are so many amazing dishes you can make with squash. Just ask Delicata, a pizza place in St. Paul that’s named after…well, a squash.

One of the shining stars on their menu is the Delicata Squash Pizza with mashed Delicata squash spread over their house crust, then topped with prosciutto and bleu cheese. It’s fantastic, and goes perfectly with a glass of wine or a fall beer! Pour yourself a glass, kick back and let Bite Squad deliver your new favorite pizza.

Fall Flavor Inspiration: Potato

Photo courtesy of Blue Door Pub.

Though enjoyed all year long, many varieties of potatoes are harvested in the fall. And there are too many ways to cook them to even count! But a trending Twin Cities favorite and a dish your football buddies will love? Totchos! Yes, totchos (tater tot nachos) are a thing and they’re the perfect addition to any football game—live or watching on the big screen.

So many restaurants are whipping up their own version of totchos, and Blue Door Pub located in both Minneapolis and St. Paul gives you the option of two to choose from: Nacho Totchos with queso, lettuce, tomato, red onion and crema; and Hella Totchos with queso, mojo pulled pork, corn salsa, cilantro-lime sauce, cotija cheese, lettuce and onion. Order these for the next game day from the Minneapolis or St. Paul location through Bite Squad!

Fall Flavor Inspiration: Apple

Photo courtesy of New Bohemia.

A common way to refer to fall in Minnesota is “apple-picking season.” And what’s not to love about apples when they can be eaten in so many ways? They’re amazing on their own, in baked goods and even in savory dishes.

New Bohemia likes to serve its apples in the form of the Chicken & Fuji Apple Bratwurst. This slightly leaner version of a bratwurst will definitely satisfy your brat craving, while also offering you a spicy and slightly sweet way to mix things up. Go all-in with the apples and get a side of the apple jicama slaw to go with your sausage. How do you like them apples? Find a nearby New Bohemia to deliver to you!

Fall Flavor Inspiration: Cinnamon

Photo courtesy of Hen House Eatery.

During the fall season, cinnamon goes well in just about everything. But one thing that was destined to go with cinnamon was, of course, the cinnamon roll. And what is better on a chilly morning than a cup of coffee with a giant, hot cinnamon roll?

Hen House Eatery located in downtown Minneapolis knows how to do cinnamon rolls right. They sell their standard cinnamon roll, which is as tasty as you can imagine; but then they take things even further with their cinnamon apple roll and cinnamon strawberry roll (mic drop). Is your mouth watering? They are all baked daily and they go fast—so don’t wait! Order a cinnamon roll for breakfast or dessert now!

Which Bite Squad restaurant serves your favorite fall dishes? Share in the comments section below.

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