Ice Cream Delivered in the Twin Cities? Umm…Yes, Please!

Yes, Bite Squad delivers ice cream!

Ice cream delivery from Bite Squad

Take a break from chasing the ice cream truck or running to the store for this delectable frozen treat –  we’ve got you.

You’ve all heard how the song goes: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Well, spare your windpipes because these Twin Cities favorites heard you and they’re ready to deliver. Literally, with Bite Squad. So kick back after dinner or stay in those PJs while you binge watch your favorite show, because we have a cure for your sweet tooth.

Grand Ole Creamery and Pizzeria

Photo courtesy of Grand Ole Creamery.

Established in 1984, Grand Ole Creamery was the first retail ice cream parlor in St. Paul to manufacture and serve “super-premium” ice cream. Crafting more than 200 flavors like Cookie Monster, North Country Crunch and Black Hills Gold, this little shop whips up malts, shakes and super-delicious ice cream sandwiches using their select flavors of the day. So, it’s no surprise that Grand Ole Creamery pulls in huge crowds during the summertime. Though they assure their customers that the lines move fast, why stand in line at all? Get the same great ice cream delivered. You can even order enough to share with their pint and quart options!


Photo courtesy of Izzy’s Ice cream.

If you’ve never heard of Izzy’s Ice Cream, I’ll bring you up to speed. In May 2005, Readers Digest named Izzy’s the Best Ice Cream Shop in the Country. In 2006, it was featured on the Food Network’s “Throw Down with Bobby Flay.” Since those two milestones, Izzy’s added a second shop in Minneapolis alongside their already existing location in St. Paul, and their handmade ice cream has been popping up increasingly in local grocery stores and restaurants. Famous for the delectable flavors and trademarked Izzy Scoop®, this creamery became well-known for providing its customers with a way to try out different flavors without having to fully commit. The Izzy scoop is a ¾ ounce scoop and is served on top of your standard scoop or in the form of an Izzy Pop. Intrigued? Order ice cream delivery from the St. Paul or Minneapolis location now.

The Original Malt Shop

Photo courtesy of The Original Malt Shop.

Serving the St. Paul area since 1986, The Original Malt Shop brings you that classic diner vibe with tasty, classic diner food to match. And what’s a staple for those classic diners we love? Malts! The Original Malt Shop serves a large variety of classic malts, like orange dreamsicle or chocolate chip, and signature malts like The Costello made with banana, coffee and Oreos or the self-explanatory PB&J. They also offer other cool treats like sundaes, floats and ice cream sodas. Relax, cool off from the summer heat and indulge in some ice cream delivery today.

Yogurt Lab

Photo courtesy of Yogurt Lab.

Do you struggle with being a “foodie” while also wanting to be healthy? Yogurt Lab in Minneapolis is here for you. Made fresh daily with organic yogurt and hormone-free milk, Yogurt Lab offers 16 rotational flavors of frozen yogurt for you to choose from. Once you settle on a flavor, you can pick from more than two dozen toppings to throw into the mix like boba (including strawberry and kiwi), candies (like Reese’s chunks and gummy bears), fruits (from cherries to blackberries), nuts and so much more. Order a special concoction just for you from this Minneapolis location.

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