Good Earth’s Fresh Summer Flavors You Have To Try

Good Earth offers up simple summer flavors with a twist

Seasonal menus are a great way to keep dishes new and exciting, while offering the freshest, boldest flavors available. Whether it’s plums that remind us of winter, or apples that remind us of fall, each season boasts nostalgic tastes all their own.

Good Earth, a restaurant in both Roseville and Edina, Minnesota, crafts delicious dishes from natural, healthful ingredients. This summer, they’re putting three summer ingredients front and center.


Juicy and refreshing, Good Earth’s Watermelon Smoothie is more than the name gives away. This frozen blend of fresh watermelon, mango, ice and simple syrup screams summer and is the perfect guilt-free snack. Pair it with their slightly sweet and savory Chicken Tacos with watermelon-pineapple relish, grilled al pastor seasoned chicken and tomatillo salsa all wrapped up in corn tortillas and you have a light meal bursting with the flavors of summer. Get it delivered from Good Earth in Edina or Good Earth in Roseville.


Things get interesting with Good Earth’s Blueberry and Prosciutto Flatbread. First, a flatbread is smeared with a feta-ricotta spread then topped with balsamic marinated blueberries, shaved prosciutto, caramelized onions, watercress and Maldon salt for a mouthwatering salty, sweet combination. Or opt for the new Energy Bowl with blueberries, organic baby kale, wild arugula, quinoa, beets, golden apples, avocado, sprouted beans and chia seeds with a citrus vinaigrette. Get it delivered from Good Earth in Edina or Good Earth in Roseville.


Tomatillos look like small, green tomatoes, but are actually tangy, bright little fruits. Get a taste with Good Earth’s Crusted Tilapia dish featuring rice-flour crusted tilapia, tomatillo jasmine rice and chipotle blueberry crème fraîche served with a cup of soup or salad, plus dessert. Or order their Chicken Tacos with corn tortillas filled with grilled al pastor seasoned chicken, tomatillo salsa and watermelon-pineapple relish. Get it delivered from Good Earth in Edina or Good Earth in Roseville.

Simple ingredients on their own? Yes. Ordinary dishes? Not a chance.

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