Pro Tips: Everyone’s Fave Things About the New iOS App!

Yes, Bite Squad has a new iOS app with a cleaner, more easy-to-navigate look and feel! And here are some quick and easy hacks to get the most out of it. So the next time you order delivery, it’ll be that much faster and more convenient.

Your most recent delivery address is set as the default.

If you’re ordering delivery to a different address this time, no prob. Just click the green bar at the top of the search page to change your location. Because nothing is worse than ordering food and having it go to the wrong destination!

View your order history.

Can’t remember what you ordered and loved last time? Ugh! Well, hey, no worries, we’ll tell you. Check out your order history tab and get your favorite dish again.

Edit your cart at checkout.

Realize you meant 10 egg rolls instead of one? You no longer have to return to the menu page to update your order. Just edit your items right the cart without leaving the checkout page.

Happy dining!

Or just…