5 Foods That Are Only Popular in the Twin Cities

Uff-da, that is some good food!

In the Twin Cities—depending on how easily you can make a decision—you either have the pleasure or misfortune of having a plethora of options to choose from to get your foodie fix. Though the area is an ever-growing melting pot, there are certain foods here that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

With a foundation of dairy farmers, Swedes and 10,000 lakes, these Minnesotan foods with a Twin Cities twist are sure to delight. So the next time you’re ordering delivery in the Twin Cities area, look for these local gems!


Photo courtesy of Tavern on Grand.

Walleye is a common fish among the lakes of Minnesota, but a dish that can be served in a variety of ways. Tavern on Grand is well-known in the Twin Cities for serving up the freshest walleye almost any way you’d like it—from walleye cakes to walleye bites, walleye tacos to a WBLT (walleye, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich). Why pick just one? Make “adulting” look easy: order multiple walleye dishes and pack up the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch (just don’t use the office microwave!).


Photo courtesy of Sweet Pea’s Public House.

What’s “hotdish,” you ask? It’s Minnesota’s version of casserole. But not just anyone can make a good hotdish—you need to make it with love. Sweet Pea’s Public House does just that. The self-titled “friendliest bar and pub in St. Paul” offers two different versions that are local favorites: one with tuna and one with tater tots. Explore the Twin Cities’ roots and order hotdish for dinner.


Photo courtesy of D’Amico & Sons.

If you’re invited to a picnic or potluck in Minnesota, you can count on someone bringing bars. They have the flavor and concept of a cookie, only they’re baked in a brownie pan. D’Amico & Sons offers bars that are sure to hit the spot with flavors like toffee crunch blondie, chocolate chunk brownie and lemon. Add bars to your dinner delivery or cheat and order some for your next potluck or dinner party.

Juicy Lucy 

Photo courtesy of Groveland Tap.

A food born and raised in the Twin Cities, a Juicy Lucy is a burger stuffed with cheese. Since its conception, several different versions have popped up in restaurants across the state. Groveland Tap has a section of its menu dedicated solely to the Juicy Lucy including the Buffalo Lucy, the Cajun Lucy, the Ellsworth Lucy (with cheese curds and Tap Sauce, pictured above) and even the Poutine Lucy. If you love burgers, order one of these cheese-stuffed burgers today.

Cheese Curds 

Photo courtesy of Blue Door Pub.

A Twin Cities staple. The breading can vary, but The Blue Door Pub likes to slather its cheese curds in a thick beer batter. The little pub serves its cheese curds in two styles: original curds with a marinara dipping sauce and flaming-hot curds made with spicy white cheddar and coated in an habanero cheddar beer batter with ranch dipping sauce (pictured above). Don’t feel like waiting for a table to get your hands on some? Get cheese curds delivered instead.

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