5 Hot Food Trends for Summer 2018

Sizzling hot delivery ideas for summertime dining

As summer heats up, so do these top food trends, picking up steam in the perfect season for chilling out with flavorful, fuss-free fare. From roasted street corn to a veggie burger to brightly-hued ice cream, try adding these trendy eats to your delivery orders this summer!

Street Food

Elote or Mexican grilled corn on the cob served with cotija cheese and chili powder.International foods and flavors continue to take center stage this summer with street food as the main star. This informal and easy-to-eat cuisine, with standouts like tacos, satay and gyros, is perfect for simple summertime noshing.

A must-try: Mexican street corn, or elote, which is corn on the cob slathered in crema or mayonnaise, and topped with cotija cheese and cayenne (look for it at local Mexican restaurants, or try it as a side from Chili’s). And jump on the tahini train (this paste made from sesame seeds is one of 2018’s most popular condiments) with an order of falafel with tahini sauce, a Mediterranean menu essential.


Hawaiian salmon poke bowl with seaweed, avocado rose, sesame seeWaves of poke-centric restaurants have opened across the U.S. over the past year, and this Hawaiian specialty has quickly become a restaurant chain staple. Consisting of cubed, fresh raw seafood, tossed in soy sauce and sesame oil and served over rice, poke (pronounced “po-kay”) makes for a light and healthy meal – ideal for hot summer nights!

Plant-Based BBQ

Gesunder Veganer BurgerWith plant-based diets and veganism on the rise in 2018, we’re seeing backyard barbecue favorites go meatless on menus this summer. Veggie burgers and vegan dogs will have a regular seat at the picnic table, while smoky seitan “ribs” and tangy jack fruit “pulled pork” capture the flavor and feel of classic BBQ fare.

Pickled Everything

KimchiMove over sriracha and bacon, Americans are puckering up for pickles as they have their moment in the flavor spotlight. From an uptick of kimchi (a Korean condiment of salted and fermented veggies), to burgers and tacos piled with pickled onions, to the new Pickle Juice Slush from Sonic, restaurants are making it easy for folks to get their pickle fix this summer.

Ice Cream

Balls lemon and berry ice cream in a bowl close up.The summer essential is cooler than ever this season with soft serve and Thai-style rolled ice cream trending, and brightly-colored scoops with creative ingredients and flavors (think matcha, charcoal, turmeric) popping up on Instagram feeds across the country! And with ice cream sandwiches and sundaes never going out of style, there are countless ways to indulge in this sweet summertime dessert. 

Did your “it” food for summer make our list? If not tell us what you’re craving!

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