Cheese Dip Goes from Starter to Star

Feeling cheesy? Get ready to dip!

You’ve likely dunked pretzels into this creamy, addictive cheesy snack at your local pub. Or indulged in it with crispy, salty tortilla chips at your favorite taquiarilla. And certainly you’ve scooped some out of a bread bowl with a hunk of crusty bread at many a party.

Cheese dip is a favorite appetizer that’s quickly climbing the charts among food delivery fans!

A rising star

In reviewing year-over-year delivery data, we recently learned that cheese dip is hugely gaining in popularity (most likely due to the gratuitous dip-pics we posted earlier this year). Who knew?! From beer cheese dip to Mexican queso to cheese and artichoke combos, this bar-food staple is a rising star, jumping from the number 10 spot of most-delivered cheesy foods to number three. 

Our data on cheese dip shows:

  • Arkansas likes it for delivery most, with more cheese dip orders than any other state already placed this year.
  • Tennessee holds second place for cheese dip delivery, and South Carolina is in third place.

Americans love cheese dip

CheeseDay_Infographic_Rd6In a recent survey, Bite Squad took a look at what cheesy foods each state in America prefers most, and – no surprise – cheese dip was the big cheese! It won the hearts of Americans in 10 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Ready to dunk into some cheese dip? Here are some of the most popular delivery spots around the country:  

Don’t live in one of these cities? Don’t worry – just check out to find some cheese dip for delivery near you.