How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Home

Have a fiesta

No one can deny that Mexican food is delicious. And while technically we don’t need an excuse to eat it, Cinco de Mayo does provide the perfect reason. So if you’re up for a smorgasbord of food, but not up for venturing out to a packed restaurant, let us bring the food to you!

Because quite frankly, most Americans don’t even know why they celebrate Cinco de Mayo. They just like to enjoy the food and drink. So here’s the best way to do so.

It’s margarita time!

If you’d like a margarita to accompany your feast, we can personally recommend this Jalapeño Watermelon Margarita by one of our favorite food bloggers, Nutmeg Nanny.

Photo and recipe by Nutmeg Nanny.

And here are the top 3 Mexican foods to pair with your homemade margarita.

The best part about nachos is the portion size. You’ll never be left hungry if you order nachos.

Order your favorite nachos for delivery

Is it even Cinco de Mayo if you don’t eat tacos? Just order one of each on the menu.

A Mexican classic, get all hot and smothered with enchiladas.

Your favorite enchiladas for delivery

Now, where to find it.

We’ve rounded up the most popular Mexican dishes, and where to get them, in some of our biggest markets. And if you don’t live in one of these cities, just check out to find the best Mexican food for delivery near you.

Now eat, drink and be merry!

Find delicious Mexican food available for delivery near you!