Top 10 Foods Ordered Most for Delivery in Memphis

What are the most popular delivery foods near you?

Are you curious to know what your neighbors in Memphis, TN, order for delivery? We’ve done the research and gathered the top 10 most popular delivery foods in your area—so now you know!

Memphis residents like a wide variety of cuisines, but seem to especially love their chicken in various forms. We hope these top 10 popular menu items serve as inspiration for your next delivery order. What are you in the mood for? Get it now.


get your favorite tacos delivered

From fish to carnitas, asada to chicken, chorizo to barbacoa, if you’re after tacos, Sabrosura Mexican and Cuban Restaurant in Memphis is your new go-to for delivery. Family owned and specializing in authentic fare, don’t forget to start with some guac and add a side of fried sweet plantains to round out your meal. Order Sabrosura for delivery now.

Chicken Wings

Get chicken wings from the Kooky Canuck in Memphis delivered from Bite Squad
Photo courtesy of the Kooky Canuck.

It’s called the Kooky Canuck and it’s dishing out some pretty “kooky” chicken wings, too! When you place your order, choose your sauce including flavors like strawberry jalapeño, Thai chili, BBQ, “holy smokey,” medium, hot or honey. Then don’t forget to add a dressing: either dill ranch or blue cheese. And you also can’t go wrong with some whole or boneless wings from a place with a name like The Wing Factory.


order a burger for delivery

It might be called Wimpy’s Burgers & Fries, but there’s nothing wimpy about The Wimpy Burger featuring 1/3 pound of high quality, grass fed beef with your choice of over 30 toppings including all the classics and then a few creative options like grilled pineapple, chili and buffalo sauce. Or order the same burger, twice the meat with the Signature Double Burger.


Lost Pizza Co. in Memphis delivered
Photo courtesy of Lost Pizza Co.

Lost Pizza Company boasts some wild ‘za with names like Pit Boss, Hot Chick, Kujo and Happy Hippie—and now that we’ve piqued your curiosity, you totally have to read about their toppings on the menu for yourself. Or build your own custom pizza from 24 topping options at Camy’s to get it “your way.” Camy’s also has the ever-popular Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza with mozzarella, grilled BBQ chicken, onions, mushrooms and sweet honey BBQ sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki Hibachi

get chicken teriyaki delivered

When  Memphis orders hibachi, they prefer it chicken teriyaki style. South Main Sushi in Memphis offers sizzling chicken teriyaki hibachi with grilled chicken breast and mushrooms in a house teriyaki sauce. Get it with a side of onion soup, ginger salad, grilled vegetables and fried rice for a meal that will definitely fill you up. Order hibachi for delivery.

Chicken Nuggets

Photo courtesy of Belly Acres.

We love that chicken nuggets topped the list. And whether they’re for the kids, or you, we don’t judge! And we hear the chicken nuggets and fries on the kids menu over at Belly Acres is pretty legit. If your appetite is bigger than that, they also deliver chicken and waffles with three fried free range chicken tenders over sweet waffles for the “big kids.” Order some  some chicken for delivery near you.


Order your favorite nachos for delivery

You’d be lucky to find nachos on any given menu, but Happy Mexican has five different nachos to choose from! Opt for the Happy Nachos with seasoned beef, shredded chicken, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream; Barbecue Nachos with pulled pork, grilled onions and barbecue sauce; or Guadalajara Nachos with grilled steak, chicken, shrimp, chorizo,  mushrooms and onions. Order nachos for delivery.

Chopped Steak

Angus chopped steak from Piccadilly in Memphis
Photo courtesy of Piccadilly.

Steak is a great delivery idea because you can enjoy fine dining in the comfort of your home. But truthfully, steak doesn’t top many delivery charts—except for in Memphis, and we love that! At Piccadilly you can select your temperature and size of Angus Chop House Steak (5.3 or 10 oz.) as well as two sides from a list of 25 including salad, mashed potatoes, broccoli, macaroni and cheese and fresh fruit. Why not order a steak for delivery?

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice for delivery

Whether you want sushi, hibachi or fried rice, Bluefin has you covered. Chicken fried rice is a delivery favorite in Memphis and this place does not disappoint. While they boast traditional Japanese fare, they also serve up some Korean classics, salads, sandwiches, tacos and wings—so everyone is happy! Check out Bluefin’s delivery menu.

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken and Penne Alfredo for delivery

What’s not to love about pasta? Especially seasoned, grilled chicken breast on top of a bed of creamy Alfredo sauce and noodles?! For authentic Italian, look to Bellissimo Italian restaurant (get it delivered), and for something with a little more pizzaz, swap out that chicken for crawfish or shrimp at Mardi Gras (order it now).

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