What Beer Should You Drink with Your Favorite Delivery Foods?

Beer and food pairings for the best night in ever.

Whether you enjoy a good ol’ American lager or a dark and frothy stout, there is a food to accompany every frosty brew. So never drink alone—drink with food, of course! And a few friends don’t hurt, either.

We’ve rounded up some of Bite Squad’s most popular delivery foods to let you know what beer to drink with your meal, no matter what you order. Because it’s not a myth: beer actually makes your food taste better, and food brings out complexities in your beer that you didn’t even know it had. (I know, we’re getting a little snobby on you here…)

If you’re a beer lover, you really can’t go wrong with any malted beverage, but go the extra mile and discover a match made in heaven.


Any way you slice it, Americans love their chicken. Crispy fried chicken. Spicy chicken wings. Smoky grilled chicken. The list goes on and on. So when you’ve got a hankering for some poultry, wash it down with a lighter beer with subtle flavors of caramel, fruit or herbs.

What beer should you pair with chicken?

  • Lagers or pilsners, like Singha, Stella Artois or Session Golden Lager
  • Fruit-forward saisons, like Hennepin Farmhouse Saison or Surly CynicAle
  • Belgian ales, like New Belgium Abbey Belgian-Style Ale  or Blue Moon Belgian White


Ramen—the Japanese favorite with noodles, fish-based broth and pork, beef or chicken—is a tad challenging to pair with beer. Depending on the kind of bowl you order, it can be salty, spicy and savory, but you’ll be safe with one of the following beers to complement the seafood flavors in ramen.

What beers are best with ramen?

  • Wheat beers, like Sierra Nevada Kellerweis or Alaskan White
  • Pilsners, like Southampton Keller Pils or Brooklyn Pilsner
  • Dry cider “beers,” like Crispin Lansdowne or Angry Orchard Stone Dry

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a childhood favorite. And while the kind that comes in the blue box is good, sometimes you need to go for authentically rich and creamy decadence. The following beers have just enough “hoppiness” to stand up to the nuttiness of bold cheeses, but lack the bitterness that could overwhelm your pasta.

What beer do you pair with cheesy pasta?

  • American pale ale, like Sam Adams Crystal Pale Ale or Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Double white ales, like The Southampton Double White or Marble Brewery’s Double White Ale
  • Brown ales, like Newcastle Brown Ale or Sam Adams Brown Ale


Styles can vary from traditional pies with tomato sauce or creamy white wine sauces, thin crust veggie to greasy deep dish—but one thing remains: they should be enjoyed with an ice-cold brew. No matter what kind of ‘za you order, the crisp crust and gooey cheese are a tasty companion for these beers.

What beer goes best with pizza?

  • Pale ales, like Deschutes Mirror Pond or Lagunitas Pale Ale
  • IPAs, like Ballast Point Sculpin IPA or Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
  • Maibock, like Summit Maibock or Gordon Biersch Maibock


Burgers and beer are the perfect combination

Beer and pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Ham and pineapple. Arguably, it’s one of nature’s most delicious combinations. When pairing a burger with a beer, the same rule applies when pairing wine with food: heavy pairs well with heavy. Toasty and complex, hoppy and bitter, or luscious and juicy—all work well here.

What beer goest best with a burger and fries?

  • Black lagers, like Sprecher Black Bavarian or Sam Adams Black Lager
  • Double IPAs, like Stoudt’s Double IPA or Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA
  • Porters or stouts, like Founder’s Breakfast Stout, Sierra Nevada Porter or Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Mexican Food

Delicious fish tacos served on tray on wooden table

The key to sipping a beer with Mexican food is to choose one that brings out those classic flavors of cumin, chiles and cilantro, but that doesn’t overwhelm your palate. Sipping something slightly bitter and malty, but not too intense is your best bet. And while we’re not opposed to Mexican beers such as Corona or Pacifico, live on the edge a little!

What beer goes best with Mexican food?

  • West Coast IPAs, like Surly Overrated West Coast IPA or Green Flash West Coast IPA
  • Hefeweizens, like Widmer Hefeweizen or Shiner Hefeweizen
  • Pale ales, like Shipyard American Pale Ale or Bootstrap Brewing Stick’s Pale Al


If you’re dining in at a sushi restaurant, your only option might be Sapporo (nothing wrong with that), but the beauty of delivery is you can drink whatever you want! It’s known that dry sparking wines go well with sushi. But beer? Sure! Just go with something light and refreshing with a touch of citrus—basically, a beer that mimics Prosecco or Champagne will go nicely.

What beer goes best with sushi?

  • Farmhouse ales, like Lift Bride Farm Girl Saison or New Belgium Long Table Farmhouse Ale
  • Bière Brut, like Enlightenment Brut or Finnegan’s Freckled Rooster
  • Shandys, like Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy or Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy

Enjoy your favorite food.

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