Bite Squad Announces New Campaign: “Current Mood 2.0”

Less than one month after releasing our new brand campaign, “Current Mood” we’re excited to share an update with you: Current Mood 2.0 (or “2.0” as we’ve come to call it internally) is the perfect balance of all the things that made Current Mood 1.0 so successful in the first place: Food + Memes + Snapchat culture.

“I don’t really get it, not even at all,” said Bite Squad’s Chief Operations Officer Kyle Hale. “I mean do what you want, but I don’t think this is good. I’m on Snapchat too” he added. We’re fairly certain he was being facetious.

“This is concerning” remarked Bite Squad’s CEO Kian Salehi. “I’ve never really been sure what the Marketing team is doing every day, but now that I see this I’m thinking we should probably make some changes.” Again, I think we all realize this was said in jest–it’s the sort of ironic humor where you call something that’s good “bad” or “sick.”

Salehi was also used as the model for the video shoot – though at the time he did not know why he was asked to take dance lessons to learn how to do “the floss.” He later asked that his likeness be removed from the video, leading to an innovative use of the burger emoji (🍔).

“The burger is better,” said Media Relations Manager Liz Sniegocki. “I think it adds a level of authenticity that the campaign needs to work in today’s culture.”

Bite Squad plans to invest as many resources as possible into promoting the new campaign, including promoted posts on snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, and an influencer campaign, where we will pay people to tell other people that this is awesome.