Bite Squad Launches Loyalty Program, “Bite Club”

Delivery just got more rewarding!

Are you ready to get recognized for all your delicious dining deeds and food-chievements? Now you can! It’s the official launch day for Bite Club, our new loyalty program that allows you to earn virtual badges, discounts, special prizes and more for doing what you already love to do—order food, delivered! 

Do things, earn rewards!

Bite Club is more than your typical point-based rewards system. It’s a dynamic program customized to your unique user experience. Let’s say you love to explore new restaurants for delivery—and why not? Variety is the spice of life!

We want to recognize your culinary journey with “Adventure” badges. Or perhaps you order, like, a lot. We don’t judge—we reward! Each order you place gets you closer to earning a “Frequent Foodie” badge. These fun virtual badges (there are so many!) arrive by email and live collectively on your Badge Board, on your personal Bite Club page.

But there’s more to Bite Club than collecting awesome badges for bragging rights… As you level up, you also unlock discounts, promo codes and special prizes. Because we want to make you smile, but we also really want to say thank you and save you a little money.

Start earning now!

Ready to get started? Joining Bite Club is easy: simply order from the Bite Squad website or app three times to unlock access. We’ll email you your first badge plus a link to your personalized member page. If you’ve already ordered three times, you’re ahead of the game! You’ll earn your first badge and Bite Club access with your next order.


  1. Do you deliver food from restaurants in downtown Clearwater, FL?

    1. bitesquadhaller says:

      Hi, Bernadette! We sure do! Just go to and type your address into the search box and a list of restaurants will pop up to choose from. Happy eating!

  2. Are the badges retroactive, or did we not start collecting them until now?

    1. lsniegockibitesquadcom says:

      Hi Cassandra! All badges are earned based on order activity starting when you join Bite Club. Have fun collecting them and unlocking your rewards!

  3. Penny Stith says:

    I have been ordering from Bite Squad since it took over Ashley’s. Am I eligible?

    1. lsniegockibitesquadcom says:

      Hi Penny! Yes, all customers are eligible once you’ve ordered three times. If you have, you’ll receive a welcome email after you place your next order. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

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