Top 6 Indian Food Dishes for Delivery in Honolulu

Indian dishes that are second to naan

Indian cuisine varies greatly by region, but these Honolulu Indian restaurants bring the deep, spicy flavors of India right to your doorstep. Gather your friends, and get ready to serve up an Indian feast with none of the prep work, thanks to delivery from Bite Squad.

Here are the 6 most popular Indian dishes ordered for delivery in Honolulu.


Naan and garlic naan
The perfect starter and side dish to most every Indian delivery meal, naan is a traditional Indian bread (similar to a fry bread in consistency) cooked in a tandoori oven. Himalayan Grill serves up delicious variations like their Kaya Naan, with apricots, cashews and raisins; or the Bombay Naan, with shredded chicken and onions. Add naan to your Indian food delivery order.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala for delivery
While both Scotland and India claim to have invented tikka masala, we think the dish definitely belongs on any Indian delivery order in Honolulu! Bombay Palace prepares their chicken tikka masala traditionally with chunks of roasted, marinated chicken in a creamy, spiced curry sauce. Order chicken tikka masala now—and don’t forget the naan.

Saffron Rice Pulau

order biryani for delivery from Bite Squad
Stack your next Indian delivery order with the full range of Indian spices—think cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, coriander, mint, ginger, garlic and onions—in a traditional biryani dish. The saffron rice pulau from Maharani Cafe features saffron flavored basmati rice, slowly cooked with ghee, cardamom and cinnamon. Add biryani to your Indian order now.

Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)

Indian butter chicken for delivery
Makhani sauce is a combination of butter, lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, chili powder and other spices making for one flavorful, saucy meal. Maharani Cafe delivers this traditional dish—also called butter chicken—with boneless, cubed tandoori chicken cooked with a decadent fenugreek seasoning. Order Indian butter chicken now.

Indian Curry

Indian Chicken Curry for delivery
Indian curry recipes use dried spices, while Thai curries typically use a paste that delivers more heat upfront. Indian curries have a heat that lingers a bit. Kakaako Kitchen serves their Indian Curry with bite-sized pieces of chicken, carrots, onions and potatoes simmered in a tomato sauce infused with these poignant Indian curry spices. Find Indian curry near you.

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