What’s to Come for Bite Squad in 2018

Here Comes our Best Year Yet!

Looking back on 2017, Bite Squad had a big year. We acquired 17 restaurant delivery services—more than tripling our national footprint—and expanded into 30 new cities. We added thousands of restaurant partners to our platform, welcomed numerous drivers to the squad and experienced growth like we’ve never seen before. Whew.

So as we enter into the new year, it’s a great time to look ahead at what’s to come. While 2018 promises more growth, we’ve got our internal sights set on a big goal. We know that great food delivered at the right time can change your whole day, so our goal is just that: to make your day.  This is our internal north star at Bite Squad.

Below, Bite Squad leaders and gurus give us a look at what that means and how we’ll deliver on this big order:

kian_circleKian Salehi, CEO and co-founder, is focused on cultivating a frictionless delivery experience for consumers in 2018. “Essentially, we want to remove any barriers for customers to get food delivered,” said Salehi. “We’re working to reduce fees, speed up delivery times, improve restaurant selection and enhance customer support.” Other initiatives Salehi mentioned: continued growth/more acquisitions, hiring more drivers and elevated technology.

Tech to Table

sal_circleAccording to VP of product Sal Habash, the company is leveraging the latest in technology, such as machine learning applications, to make the delivery experience easy and convenient for customers. 

“Machine learning is becoming as fundamental as electricity. We are excited to implement machine learning to further optimize our cook time predictions and optimize driver routes so our drivers arrive at the restaurants just before the food comes out, piping hot,” he said. “Using data like traffic conditions, weather and past routes, our tech is looking several moves ahead so we can deliver food faster and more efficiently.”

Digital payment methods are also on the horizon for Bite Squad this year. “More and more consumers are shifting from using traditional payment methods to things like Apple Pay,” said Habash, who is working to soon allow customers to pay for food deliveries with their digital wallets.

kyle_circleCOO Kyle Hale weighed in on tech advancements on the customer support side, such as the addition of text support. “We want to really meet our customers where they are, and they ABT – always be texting,” said Hale. “This will be great for times like when a restaurant is out of stock of an item ordered; we can fire a text to the customer and ask them what they want to replace the item with. It’s a much faster resolution than a phone call can provide.”

The new year will also bring self-serve menu options to the live chat and improved help functions to the desktop, apps and mobile site. Hale said, “We’re making it easier to get info out of the gates, so we can resolve issues faster, move orders along more quickly and improve delivery times.”

Great Experience Makes for Great Business

Craig_circle“That feeling you get when you order whatever you’re craving, and it arrives just when and where you want it… that’s what we’re going for this year,” said VP of marketing Craig Key. “We want to make customers’ days.” 

Key shared the news of Bite Squad’s new customer loyalty program, Bite Club, unrolling in 2018. “We’ll be rewarding our customers for their patronage, good taste and ‘food-chievements,'” he said. The program gives users the opportunity to earn badges, discounts, sweepstakes and more with every order they make. It’s coming soon!

Also poised for a full rollout this year is Unlimited, Bite Squad’s new subscription-based service. “It gives users free delivery, no matter how many times they order, for one monthly payment,” said Salehi, who is looking to make the ordering process as worry-free as possible for customers. He explained, “You no longer have to deal with delivery fees—simply order as many times as you want and enjoy the convenience of the service.”

Convenience. Speed. Affordability. Rewards. It appears ramped-up technology and an enhanced user experience are driving innovation at Bite Squad in 2018.