Top 5 Most Delivered Foods on Game Day

Here’s what to eat during the Big Game

The Big Game isn’t only the biggest football day of the year. It’s also a sacred food holiday. A day spent hanging out with friends and family on the couch, pigging out on the best Game Day food and yelling at referees on the television screen—and a huge day for food delivery. Because who wants to do all the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning that’s required to feed a crowd? (Answer: No one, especially when Bite Squad makes it easy to put in a group order.)

Bite Squad’s nerd department dug into the data to bring you the five most delivered foods on football Sunday. So now you know what to order next time you need food delivered from your favorite local restaurant.

5. Cream Cheese Wontons

Most people don’t think of Chinese food as football food, but it’s a huge delivery food. And any given Sunday is a great day for Chinese delivery. Why not indulge in those crispy and delicious deep-fried, cream cheese-stuffed dough puffs on Game Day? Paired with your favorite sesame chicken or shrimp fried rice, it’s the perfect finger food to feed a hungry crowd.

4. Pizza

get a pizza delivered

Okay, so pizza delivery on football Sunday is no surprise—it’s a pretty obvious pick. Simply a classic comfort food that everyone loves, especially when watching football. And it’s ability to pair well with beer just makes it a hearty, delicious choice. Plus, it’s so versatile with all the different crust, meat and veggie options available.

3. Mozzarella Sticks and Cheese Curds

You truly cannot go wrong with battered, deep-fried cheese! Mozzarella sticks and cheese curds are similar, but not at all the same. Just ask anyone who lives in the Midwest. Regardless, either version is a melty, gooey, salty appetizer you can dip into a multitude of sauces—exactly what crazy fans need. Just make sure you order enough, as these will go fast.

2. Burgers

It’s sports bar fare. Only at home. Tailgating grub. Only from the comfort of your couch. A thick, greasy burger never disappoints, especially when made at your favorite local joint and brought right to your door, so you never have to miss a play. Come on, it doesn’t get more American than football and burgers?

1. Ribs

Order BBQ rib dinner plate for delivery

Raise your hand if you would have guessed that ribs are the most popular football food. Who cares if your hands and face get messy while watching football at home? They’re so good, it’s worth it. Tender meat, your favorite spice rub… what’s not to love?

Well, what will you be enjoying during the Big Game?

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