10 Savory Sandwich Picks for Delivery in Tallahassee

Sandwiches to make you drool

Sandwiches are quite possibly the perfect delivery meal. Think about it: if you pick the right one, you’ve got a balanced meal you can balance in the palm of your hand. Some kind of protein is paired with vegetables, and if we can get generous and count the cheese toward our daily dairy allowance, and the bread as our grain, then we’ve just nailed the food pyramid.

These are the best sandwiches for delivery in Tallahassee, Florida.

Chicken Sandwich

Order Chicken Teriyaki for delivery from Bite Squad

When you’re looking for a traditional taste, try the Classic Chicken Sandwich (with lettuce on the side) from Chubby’s Chicken Fingers. Customize it by choosing your own sauce from Chubby’s full assortment—buffalo (hot, mild or extra hot), garlic parmesan, teriyaki, lemon pepper… it’s up to you! Order a chicken sandwich for delivery now.

Grouper Reuben

The Edison is known for regional cuisine, so it’s only natural to order the Grouper Reuben for a coastal take on this classic sandwich. A six-ounce grouper filet is topped with homemade coleslaw, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing. Get it blackened for only $1 more. Order a reuben for delivery now.

Fried Green BLT

BLT sandwich for delivery

This lunchtime specialty is one of those must-order dishes at The Southern Public House. Fried green tomatoes are paired with applewood bacon, baby iceberg and garlic aioli and served with a cup of the soup of the day. Order delivery from The Southern Public House now.

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban sandwich for delivery

The Cuban Sandwich originated in cafes catering to Cuban workers in Key West and Tampa. Metro Deli serves theirs with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. Order a Cuban sandwich for delivery now.

Tenderloin Steak Melt

Where do we start? The Tenderloin Steak Melt from Backwoods Bistro is chunks of blackened tenderloin seared with onions, mushrooms and peppers covered with a four cheese blend and baked on a French roll. Upgrade your fries to cheese grits and call it a night. Order a steak sandwich for delivery now.


philly cheese steak sandwich

This isn’t your average cheesesteak. The Township version has shaved NY strip topped with beer cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions and horseradish cream and is served on a pretzel bun. Order lunch or dinner from the Township in Tallahassee now.

Messy Pig

Pulled Pork Sandwich for delivery

Picture the biggest, most beautiful version of a BBQ pork sandwich you can, and you’ve got an idea of what the Messy Pig from 4 Rivers Smokehouse will be delivering to your house. A heaping pile of pulled pork is sandwiched between two layers of coleslaw, topped with pickles and jalapeños, and served on a bun smothered with 4R signature sauce. Order a pulled pork sandwich now.

Newsom’s Italian Sub

Italian sub for delivery

It’s rumored that the Italian sub was invented in Portland, Maine, in 1903. Midtown Pies does this classic sandwich justice, combining pepperoni, capicola and ham and topping them with arugula, onion, tomato and a drizzle of house vinaigrette. Order an Italian sub for delivery near you.

Brie N’ Bacon

This ain’t your mama’s grilled cheese. The Brie N’ Bacon from Merv’s Melt Shop pairs creamy brie with caramelized onions, crispy bacon and mixed berry preserves. Salty, sweet, savory, amazing. Order a gourmet grilled cheese with bacon for delivery now.

Turkey Club Sandwich

turkey club sandwich for delivery

A classic, satisfying lunch choice, the Turkey Club Sandwich may not be your standard choice from Chicken Salad Chick, but don’t overlook it. Oven roasted turkey breast is topped with smoky, crispy bacon, salty provolone, honey mustard, fresh lettuce and sliced tomato. Order a hearty sandwich now.

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