Holiday Party? Fake It till You Make It With Delivery

Party food hacks

You love hanging out with friends and family, but you don’t have time to cook. Enter, Bite Squad! Here is how to nail that holiday party without lifting a finger (okay, maybe one so that you can order the food from our app).

So, if you’re inviting people over and want to feed them, just pick up your phone and put in an order for delivery. We’ll take care of all the work for you. Here are just a few ways you could serve a crowd with restaurant delivery.

Catering for a crowd

If you’re hosting a lot of people and ordering a few days in advance, take a look at Bite Squad‘s catering options. Just punch in the number of guests you’re expecting, as well as your event date, and a list of restaurants offering catering near you will populate. From Mexican to Indian, Chinese to Italian, catering for a crowd is a great party idea.

Indian food catering

Appetizers galore

Keep things simple, pick your favorite restaurant and choose a variety of appetizers. You can go casual with wings, fries and dips or gourmet with shrimp cocktail, crostini and charcuterie. You can’t go wrong with an assortment of finger foods when feeding a group of people. There will be something for everyone!

chicken wings for delivery

Rows of sweets

The holidays are all about sweets, right? So, skip the savory foods and host a dessert party. There’s really nothing easier than tables full of sugary goodies—especially when you’re not the one baking them! Just do a search on Bite Squad for “desserts,” choose a variety of favorites and cure that sweet tooth.

chocolate chip cookies for delivery

Keep it cool

Chilled handheld foods might just be the most convenient way to go. You won’t need to worry about keeping the food hot or about providing silverware, either. And keeping dishes to a minimum is always a plus! Just set out a platter of subs, wraps or salads with a side of fruit, and allow guests to eat as they please.

Variety of wraps available from Good Earth for delivery from Bite Squad

Cost effective route

Let’s be honest—feeding a crowd can get expensive. But it can totally be done on a budget, too. One such way is with several pizzas… and you really can’t go wrong with a cheesy pie! Just order an array of plain cheese, meat and veggie to cover your bases, and your guests will never know it didn’t cost you a fortune to feed them.

Traditional pepperoni pizza

Build-your-own platters

Set out some meat, cheese and bread and allow guests to build their own sandwiches. This way they can choose what they want, and you don’t have to do any prep work at all. And as easy as this sounds, a neat platter looks pretty darn gourmet (but your secret is safe with us).

Deli meat and cheese platter for delivery

Go all out

Your friends and family mean the world to you. “Wow” them by going all out with something über fancy, like sushi. With a spread of Philly, California, spicy tuna and dynamite rolls, they will be thoroughly impressed. Add some bowls of edamame for a colorful touch, and no one will go hungry.

Even if you’re not hosting a holiday get together, but have been asked to bring a dish to a party, you cannot go wrong with restaurant delivery. What are you hungry for?

Holiday fare, delivered.