30 Reasons to Order Restaurant Delivery

There’s no bad reason to eat good food

In observance of National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, we thought you might need some additional reasons to order delivery—other than the fact that you now have no food because you cleaned out your fridge. Here are 30 other reasons to order Bite Squad.

You’re hungry and don’t feel like making any type of effort

You’re at work and didn’t bring a lunch

Waldor Chicken Sandwich four delivery

You’re new to the area and want to explore the dining scene—without getting up

You’re binge watching your favorite show and need some food to go with it

Your partner wants to go out, but you want to stay in—so you compromise

You love a certain food you just aren’t capable of making at home

Sushi for delivery

It’s too hot to turn on the stove or oven 

It’s cold and you’re craving comfort food

There’s a snowstorm and you can’t get the car out

You’re sick and hot soup sounds really good right now

Ramen delivery from Bite Squad

You can be efficient by ordering five meals and eat for the week 

You’re in the mood for variety… and you just cleaned out your fridge

Because pajamas

Because tacos

Mahi tacos

You’re multitasking (work, kids, chores…) and also responsible for feeding people

You’re in a hurry and don’t have time to prep anything

FOMO on all the local restaurants but also FOMO on Netflix

You have a baby and he JUST fell asleep

Ice cream delivery from Bite Squad

You don’t have a car and this is an amazing convenience

You just can’t “people” right now

All your dishes are dirty so you’d have to wash them… and just, no

You’re eating healthy and a fresh salad is just what you need

Cobb Salad for delivery from Bite Squad

You have people over and want to feed—and impress—them

You’re having a really bad hair day

You’re too cozy at home and don’t want to go out

You deserve to treat yo’self 

pulled pork macaroni and cheese

Gotta support local businesses, ya know?

You don’t have any food to cook for yourself

You take care of everything and everyone—now it’s your turn to be cared for

You’ve got the munchies

french fries

Not that you needed a reason, right?